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[Solution] Fixing Hard Disk with Stuck Actuator Arm/Head

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      So my laptop BSOD while i was working halfway on my FYP

      When restarted, heard the HDD "Beeping", and my bios didn't detect any hardisk, as shown in the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRRj8L8y6QQ

      Took out the Hard disk, a Western Digital Black 750GB:


      Lifting up the label as shown so i could gain access to the screws.

      The warning on the labels says will void warranty, but i saw my degree inside the hdd so i just open up


      The screws are Tox size 6, these are my tools:


      After opening, indeed, the head and actuator arm thingy is stuck:


      I used the same tox 6 screw and manually spin the disk, while simultaneously use the small hook to pull the actuator arm and shifted it back into the parking position. Be careful not to scratch the disk.

      I followed this youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5Y7BniaRXg

      Pulled it back to parking position:


      Closed the HDD back and Prayed hard.
      Was relief to see the windows loading screen:

      After backing up the data, im gonna change a new hardisk


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    • at work so nv go listen but I'm glad you solved your problem~


      HDD shouldnt have beeping sound leh, only the motor spin sound.

      Time to change a new laptop.

      Firstly Laptop with SSD doesnt need spin, so no such problem. 2ndly the flash drive only slightly bigger than a $1 coin. Retrieval shoooo simpur~~~


      Tsk, want to post pic sooooo mafan so i'm not posting any pics icon_lol.gif


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    • icon_lol.gif

      My laptop has a Msata slot. I will be getting a MSATA SSD to install the operating system, and then another typical laptop HDD to use as storage.



      HDD at top left hand corner, i will install an SSD at the "SSD" location icon_lol.gif

      Laptop still new, Year 2013....hopefully can tahan till i graduate


      Then again, I have some concern about the issues SSD have, such as This , and this

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    • Firstly, U do not use SSD to store information for long time. If u wan store information that are not access frequently (once in a few years) or just storage, LTO is the way to go.


      But ya, once SSD fails, it's usually the end... icon_neutral.gif

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    • Opening up your hard disk like that in a normal room is really not the way to go.

      You really did put a lot of your data at risk... don't expect the drive to last any longer soon.

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