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new concept web browser Opera Neon

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    • The internet goes crazy over new concept web browser Opera Neon


      Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome better watch out, because a new kid on the block is bringing it.

      Say hi to the new Opera Neon, a new web browser launched today by the same company that brought us the Opera browser. For those who are not familiar to Opera, the company has been around for more than twenty years and is the fifth most popular desktop browser behind big names such as Google Chrome and Firefox.

      Things could change with Opera Neon – the new browser focuses on interaction allowing users to drag and push things around with the convenience of saving media easily.

      Unlike most browsers today, tabs are taken out and replace with icons on a visual sidebar. Other highlights include the video pop-out feature which lets users play videos while browsing other websites, split screen mode for viewing two pages at once, and Snap-to-gallery function for cropping and saving any part of the web page to the gallery for later use.

      Technically, Opera Neon isn’t a browser created from scratch, it is in fact built using open-source browser Google Chrome. As some have pointed out, some telltale signs include the browser settings page or dig deeper into the settings by typing chrome://about/ in the address bar.

      Opera Neon is available for download now for Mac and Windows but expect bugs since it is still very much in beta stage. There is also no extension support at the moment but likely to be available soon.

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    • I think Firefox and Google Chrome must/should watch out and be so calm because one of the competitor is coming!

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