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Which cloud service is right for you?

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    • Google Drive vs OneDrive vs Dropbox vs iCloud

      Everything’s going onto the cloud these days.

      As we begin to own more and more electronic devices across a multitude of platforms, from desktops, to laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, there’s an increasing need to be able to access our files cross-platform. It also saves us the need to carry a cumbersome hard drive or thumbdrive everywhere we go.

      As long as we have an internet connection, all our needs, will be taken care of. However, there are a multitude of cloud services available, from the Android user’s favourite Google Drive, to the Apple native’s iCloud. Each of these services have their pros and cons, so let’s delve into an in-depth comparison to find the ideal cloud storage option for you.


      Starting with the most popular cloud storage service in the market, we have Google Drive. It isn’t popular without reason, this highly capable service melds together a productivity suite, together with a depository where you can store any files you need. It starts off with a free service that allows for 15GB of storage that can be upgraded if a subscription fee is paid monthly.

      Why Google Drive

      ●     In-build productivity suite that allows you to create and edit documents on-the-go including

      -Docs: Word Processor

      -Slides: Presentation Software

      -Sheets: Spreadsheet Builder

      ●     Syncs perfectly with Gmail

      -Gmail allows you to attach documents directly from Drive without having to download it, which is especially useful if you’re not using your own computer and wish to send a large files

      ●     Unlimited and comprehensive photo storage option

      -Google Drive automatically integrates with Google Photos, and all your photos or videos are synced from Drive to Photos, which is an incredibly powerful tool. It allows for unlimited photo and video storage, which minimal amounts of compression done, freeing up whatever space you wish to clear up on Drive or on your own computer/mobile devices.

      -Photos is powerful in a sense that you don’t have to manually create albums yourself. All photos in Photos are arranged based on their date taken, so all you have to scroll to is a certain time period when you’re on holiday before finding all your lovely travel photos. It even has facial recognition software to allow it to identify all the different faces in your photos, and allow you to name each individual such that upon keying in their name, you will be able to find all photos with them inside.


      ●     Internet connection needed for Docs, Sheets and Slides

      -The thing about using Google’s productivity suite that comes with its Drive, is the inability to access these documents once you’ve lost connection to the internet.


      OneDrive had many former names such as SkyDrive, but it is now Microsoft’s go-to cloud storage option. It is built-into your computers when you purchase a Windows 10-powered system. It starts off with 5GB worth of free storage that can be upgraded if you purchase a subscription.

      ●     Extremely comprehensive productivity suite

      -You get Word, Excel, and Powerpoint at your fingertips when using OneDrive on your web browser. This is perhaps the best productivity suite you can find anywhere. They are a slightly dialled-down version of the original suite, but they have almost everything you need.

      ●     Fetch any files on your PC

      -There is an interesting feature on OneDrive known as Fetch, which allows you to grab any file on your Windows 10 PC, even if they are not in the OneDrive folder, which is rather interesting. However, this feature is only available for PC-to-PC.

      ●     Automatic File Organisation

      -OneDrive sorts through files in your folder and places them neatly in pre-arranged folders. However, it may not work all the time as it might “misplace your files into wrong folders.


      ●     Slow sync

      -Unlike Dropbox with its super-fast download and upload speeds, OneDrive’s sync speed is perhaps the slowest amongst all the cloud services.


      Perhaps the “original” cloud storage service, Dropbox is simple and easy to use. However, it has one of the lowest storage available for its free plan, with only 2GB of storage from the get-go. Nevertheless, there are still reasons why you might want to consider using it.

      Why Dropbox

      ●     Ultra-fast syncing

      -Dropbox has an amazing technology that allows you to upload only you changes to a document, which turns the service into a lightning-quick sync.

      ●     Robust third-party app ecosystem

      -Dropbox is supported by many third-party applications and with over 100,000 apps such as 1Password and Goodreader utilising Dropbox in their software, it seamlessly integrates into your digital life.


      ●     Low amounts of storage

      -Dropbox’s 2GB of free storage is rather miniscule compared to other services out there and even its paid option doesn’t look very attractive, if we were to compare price per GB.

      ●     Deletion of inactive accounts

      -The problem with Dropbox is that the developers have the right to delete your account if you’re inactive, so any files you have there might be wiped if you don’t sign in regularly enough.


      The default storage option for all Apple users, iCloud is a perhaps one of the more expensive cloud storage options that isn’t all too intuitive to use, but still a valid choice for Apple natives with multiple Apple gadgets.

      Why iCloud

      ●     Seamless Apple integration

      -If you own multiple Apple devices, iCloud offers unprecedented convenience by syncing almost any file across devices, from your mail, to your music, photos and documents. It provides you with a dedicated email address and contact book as well, which further adds to its value.

      ●     Beautiful web interface

      -The layout of iCloud, as with most Apple applications is just gorgeous, it is beautifully-designed, and simply aesthetically-pleasing.


      ●     Not ideal for productivity

      -You can store almost any file on iCloud, but to truly access documents like word documents, spreadsheets and presentation files, you will need to purchase the iWorks applications. Or else, they are pretty much inaccessible.

      ●     Unavailable on Android devices

      -If you use an Android smartphone or tablet, but use your iCloud on your PC or just one other device, it isn’t ideal to use iCloud since your documents are unavailable from your other mobile devices, which defeats the point of using a cloud service.

      Price Comparison

      Google Drive appears to give you the best bang for your buck with its free and paid plans, followed by iCloud, OneDrive and then finally Dropbox.


      All in all, it appears that Google Drive appears to be the best bet for most users, with its plans being the most affordable and due to the fact that it works seamlessly across all platforms. OneDrive is attractive to Windows 10 users who live and breathe in the Microsoft Ecosystem and wish to utilise Office 365 on the go. For mobile users who use multiple applications that utilise Dropbox, that will be your best bet. Last but not least, iCloud should only be reserved for Apple users who own multiple Apple devices and are devoid of any Windows or Android devices in their arsenal.

      Read more at https://www.stuff.tv/sg/features/which-cloud-service-right-you/price-comparison#fkrLuHcrqAYgOA0B.99

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    • Personally, I am using GOOGLE DRIVE

       Really convenient when we want to transfer photos from trips. My kids have Android phones and Google Drive sync all the information without issues. Once though, one of the photos crashed and it was synced only the half of it. This was really strange but I suppose something went wrong because the internet connection was bad. 

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