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Learning python or programming on the side together

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    • Hi there, Im an NSF, currently have quite a bit of time and would like to pick up programming. Specifically, I would like to start with either python or java. As of now, I have a decent grasp on the fundamentals of coding, like OOP, basic control flows, etc. However, I want to move into the application side and more advanced stuff which requires a teacher.


      Which leads me to want to find a tutor, but tutor prices are quite high and im not too well off to afford it. So I am looking for people with similar goals and interests as me to maybe create a class to lower the fees of tutoring. As I speak, tuition rates go at 50-60 an hour! Im hoping to bring it down to 25 per pax, with 3-4 people! do let me know if you are interested in starting coding lessons with me!



      Lowaiisj1633 @ g m a i l . c o m

      (you can pm as well, but i may not always check! Email alot more reliable :D)



    • If you are interested please feel free to join this facebook group i just created



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