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Mozilla's WebXR app

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    • Ladies and gentlemen, meet WebXR Viewer Mozilla's first augmented reality app. 

      Nowadays the AR trend is gaining enormous attention by the second and many companies have already created their own apps and even gone as far as creating engines. Mozilla doesn’t fall behind too. After hundreds of hours of hard work and efforts, different tests and improvements they show up with their own augmented reality app. 

      So how does it work?  WebXR Viewer uses ARKit to support AR. It uses web-technologies to give you great experience in addition to the real world. Sounds great, right?


      However, Singapore doesn’t sit on the bench. Our companies start developing their own virtual reality technologies. 

      And while you wait when app will be available on iTunes, you can read about  WebXR Viewer on the Singsys's blog, a Singaporean development company.

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