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      • Welcome to sgforums homework forum. While you guys and ladies are busy asking questions in Homework Forum and our dear moderators are busy solving your questions, why not take a look at their profiles and at the same time appreciate what they have contributed here.

        Hiphop2009(Owner, thats me!)

        Strength: Chinese Language

        Profession: Teacher at Student care


        - Currently studying at UniSIM- BA Chinese Language and Literature Studies

        - Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

         - O level: Chinese A1, Higher Chinese B3


        Set up in the year 2007, Homework Forum's initial goal was to allow forumnites to have a place to ask questions regarding their school work and homework. So it was nicknamed "Homework Forum" after me going through many brainstorming (by me)

        I was then not very optimistic about setting up this forum because i knew a few homework and education related forums in sgforums that was set up had "died" off slowly or becoming inactive over the months and years. Knowing this, i knew i had to find active moderators to help me "mentor" the forum otherwise it would suffer the same fate. So, I managed to engage and “employ” (without salary) the first moderator of Homework Forum, Darkness_hacker99 (otherwise affectionally known as Darkie) to help mentor the forum together with me.

        Homework Forum soon grew as more forumnites took notice of this little wonderful forum in sgforums and discussion, exchanging of ideas between various forumnites (not only the moderators) soon took place in the forum. I soon realize the need of getting another moderator (sgforums back then only allowed a maximum of 4 moderators including myself), so careful selection of moderators was needed, judging from the participation level of the forumnites in Homework Forum. I soon set my eyes on unclebutcher (ex-Homework Forum moderator, whom has gone MIA. If unclebutcher, you are reading this, we miss you!!!), and eagle.

        Things had a turning point from then when eagle and unclebutcher joined the rank as moderators in Homework Forum. Popularity, rating in Homework Forum risen and grew in strength, thanks to the hardwork of the moderators. Homework Forum soon became top 30 (or 20) forums in sgforums and I am very proud of it.

        Sgforums had changed its interface and look in 2008 and with that, changes in moderator policy was made such that owners of various forums were allowed more than 3 moderators. As such, I started looking out for more moderators to expand the current strength. As such, ^tamago^ who is a very frequent surfer of sgforums and homework forum (helping out in the solving of various questions posted in Homework Forum), caught my attention. ^Tamago^ soon joined Homework Forum as a moderator. Not long after, Ultimateonline had been recommended by eagle and Darkness_hacker99 to me to be a moderator for Homework Forum. As Ultimateonline is very active in Homework Forum, I sent the invitation out to Ultimateonline without hesitation and Ultimateonline joined the rank of the moderators.

        Not only the moderators, but various other forumites whom has also contributed to Homework Forum in one way or another, a big thank you to you!

        I am really glad that in just over a year, Homework Forum had become one of a quite popular section in sgforums. All these would not have been possible without the help, sacrifice and never ending contributions from the moderators. As I myself struggled many many years in my studies in school (still struggling now), it has been my wish to set up “Homework” or education related forum. Now that it is a dream that came true, I am also very glad that many forumnites here who has “burning” or “multimillion” questions to ask got their queries answered.

        Looking ahead, I hope sgforums Homework Forum can reach out to even more people, whether or not is to help out or having a question to ask in here. My goal is very simple, I want forumnites to come here to be able to learn something. In return, when forumnites know something, I hope that they will be able to share something to others whom are eager to learn.

        I like studying Chinese and helping students and people to get interested in Chinese language is also always my dream. In a society where English is mostly used, we (Chinese students) must not forget our roots and our culture. Otherwise we would find ourselves “rootless” and being laughed at by foreigners.

        Yup, lastly I hope you all will enjoy your stay in Homework Forum and next would be the various moderators’ profile and introduction =)




         Strength: H2 Biology, O Level Chemistry, Biology, Principles of Accounts

        Profession:  Academic advisor, Private Tutor

        Qualification: GCE O Level, Polytechnic Year 3 dropout, Biomedical Sciences


        After I graduated from Hua Yi Secondary School, I started my teaching career as a private tutor. Studying at Republic Polytechnic gave me the opportunity to experience a totally different learning experience I’d possibly imagined. The one-day-one-problem and the Problem-based Learning (PBL) style had changed my ways of teaching and learning. My perspective of learning has changed from memorizing facts (rote-learning) to ability to ask questions which promotes self learning.

        I believe in the idea of self-learning, and I took a calculated risk to pursue my passion during my final year in Republic Polytechnic. I learned IT programming skills which I developed an interest because I realised the benefits and potential of marrying IT and Education. Till date, I've comfortable with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Wordpress.

        Earlier this year, I was introduced to the concept of competitive online gaming in Singapore. Right now, Singapore is just starting to pay attention to E-sports events. There are many Singaporean compete against overseas players in many games, but these were rarely published in the media due to lack of coverage. I hope to promote E-sports in future as I see the potential of bringing in revenue in this untapped gaming industry.

        As a competitive gamer, my objective is to complete missions together with my team of outstanding players in Singapore. Team work is very important in such team playing mode, and self independence is very useful in critical situation during game play. In order words, I had to rely my team to provide critical support, and my team rely on my speciality to bring them victory. Great team work is essential in bringing in success. To date, I'm ranked 14th in Singapore's Special Force.


         A few words from Darkness_hacker99:


        It is my pleasure to be given this opportunity to help out fellow forumers here. Back then in 2006, I was still a student preparing for my GCE O Levels. I came across sgForums and asked several homework questions and I received excellent help from many forumers here. Then I realised the beauty of community-based website thanks to the people from various background.


        A few months later, Hiphop2009 and I had this forum created to help future students with their schoolwork and education related matters. It was a seed idea that grew until so huge. This forum is a testament that taught us never to let an idea follow you to the grave because you will never know what the small seed idea is going to bring you. It is passionate people we have in Homework Forum that keep us going for so long. Like I've always mention, passion is a powerful spring. Without passion, nothing can go progress far. I am the type of person that believes in contributing back to the society and therefore I enjoy helping out at Homework Forum.


        Growth in our forum came at a steady pace and within just short 5 years, we have served close to 2000 students from Singapore and overseas. Like what the MOE's tagline says "Moulding the future of our Nation", I am very committed in helping the younger generation to shape their life. I am very happy about our achievements and hope to serve more students in future.


        To all the students out there: Pursue your dreams and never let any obstacle stop you from where you are going. The world is full of opportunity and is rich to nurture everyone. Believe in yourself and seek the rigth path forward.


        Thank you.






        Strength: Physics, Mathematics

        Qualifications: Bachelor of engineering -- First Class Honours

        Website: http://examworld.blogspot.com/

        I have 5 years experience in giving tuition. I strongly believe that every student has the innate ability to excel; the variable is the time required. The role of a tuition teacher is to guide the student along the right path, and shorten the learning curve of the student, thus saving precious time for other subjects.

        In guiding my students, I utilised question-based teaching/learning, a method in which basic concepts are taught/learnt through doing and understanding questions. Questions force the brain to think, to analyse and this is in my opinion, the most effective way to learning, and thus aceing, exams.


        My academic qualifications are as follows:

        1) Bachelor of engineering -- first class honours (CAP 4.66/5.0 for a total credits of 183 [required for degree: 161 credits], finished Student Exchange Program and a 6 months Industrial Attachment Program)

        2) Innovation Award -- Merit Prize for Final Year Project

        3) Institute of Microelectronics -- 2nd Prize in Poster Presentation (Picture here)

        4) NUS Dean's List (Semester I 0405 and Semester II 0506)

        5) Asian Physics Olympiad 2001 -- Honourable Mention (Top 39 in Asia)

        6) Institute of Physics, Singapore, 2001 -- Excellence in A level Physics (Top 10 in Singapore)

        7) American Mathematics Competition, 2001 -- Distinction

        8) 2001 A levels @ RJC (C maths -- A, F maths -- A, Economics -- A, Physics -- A, Maths S paper -- Distinction, Physics S Paper -- Distinction)

        9) 1999 O levels @ RI (E Maths -- A1, A Maths -- A1, Physics -- A1)









        Strength: Chemistry


        Profession : Private Teacher Tutor (Ex-MOE Teacher)


        Qualifications : Bachelor of Science with Diploma in Education


        Website : http://infinity.usanethosting.com/Tuition




        A few words from UltimaOnline :


        Greets! My interest, meaning and purpose as HomeWork Forum Moderator (thanks HipHop!), is exactly the same whether I function as an MOE Teacher or as a Private Tutor - to stimulate, nuture and support a widening depth of true appreciation, enjoyment and passion, in the Subject for what it really actually truly is - a deeply beautiful and wonderfully enjoyable Science of the mysterious Universe, belonging to and owned by You, Yourself (yes it's YOUR Chemistry, you OWN it)! (instead of some hollow, dogmatic, meaningless excretory side product of the paper-chase insanity that your parents, school teachers, Ministry of Education, Singapore society cruelly forces upon you).


        My intention is to support students' interest, love and passion in the Sciences of the Universe (particularly Chemistry, and also psychology and philosophy, but these are of course, not examinable at 'O' level), and most importantly, to help students realize that they can (and will) make these Sciences their very own. Yes, to OWN Chemistry (and all Sciences which you choose to explore) for YOURSELF. Meaning, you recognize a scientific phenomenon to be true, not because someone else told you so (ie. dogma), but because you understand within yourself the underlying scientific principles that results in the manifestation of such phenomena as a logical, natural and beautiful consequence. A consequence of the wonderful Universe, that you belong to, as well as that belongs to you.



        To this end, as one of the Moderators of this wonderful HomeWork Forum, I encourage all students ('O' and 'A' levels) to feel totally free to speak your mind, articulate your thoughts, discuss your ideas, ask your questions, clarify your doubts, and share your enjoyment and passion for any and all subjects you study in school.


        When asking questions, we recommend that students ask along the lines of "I've done these steps and calculations so far, and have made these assumptions, and plan to solve it this way... are there any conceptual errors I made? Would it be correct for me to say that...?". Because as Moderators, we're not here to do your HomeWork for you or solve your problems; we're here to guide, support and moderate if necessary, helpful discussions that you have with fellow students. This is afterall, the HomeWork Forum, about the Students, by the Students and for the Students.



        Finally, a Thank You again to HipHop for setting up this helpful Forum, and also to fellow Moderators for your service to all students... and to every Student out there :



        "The deepest secret is that Life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself, but creating yourself anew in every moment. Seek therefore, not to find out who you are, instead seek to determine who you want to be." - Neale Donald Walsch





        Summer Hill


        Strength: History (Secondary)

        Qualification(s): JC 1. [2014]


        A few words from Summer Hill:

        Its my pleasure to be the moderatress of "Homework Forum" despite the fact I am 14 in 2012. I am privileged to be invited and serve as a moderatress by Darkness_Hacker99. I am very happy to be a moderatress of homework forum and look forward to learn and share in the homework forum. Thank you!


        Strength: Chemistry

        Profession : Private Chemistry Tutor (Ex-MOE Teacher)

        Qualifications : Bachelor of Science (Honours) with Diploma in Education

        Website :



        A few words from Chemguide7 : I feel privileged to serve as a moderator in this forum. I am a private Chemistry tutor specialising in O and A level Chemistry tuition with 15 years of tutoring experience. I hope to help students navigate the diverse education landscape with my little advice.



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