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Jc Subject Combination ?

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    • Hi guys... I would like some tips on my subject combination. Any help would be great!

      Didn’t really score well for my O's Level

      2 A1, 2 A2, 2 B3 and one C6 (English - Shocking surprise, got B4 for Prelims)

      Was thinking of..

      1) H2 Maths, H2 Physic, H2 Economics, H1 Chemistry

      2) H2 Maths, H2 Physic, H2 Chemistry, H1 Economics

      The degree courses that i have interest in is... 

      NTU Aerospace Engineering AAA/B

      NUS Mechanical Engineering ABB/C

      NUS Engineering ABB/C

      NUS Engineering Science BBB/C

      NUS Civil Engineering BBC/B

      NUS Civil Engineering BBC/B

      NUS Electrical Engineering BCC/B

      NTU Mechanical Engineering BCC/D

      NTU Civil Engineering BCC/D

      NTU Engineering BCC/D

      And i will try to work in a field related with the degree that i have obtained (That is i scored well for my A levels)

      In the event that i do not do well for my A Levels /totally hated my job..

      Physics / Applied Physics CCC/C

      Science (Education) BCC/B 

      I would like to become a Teacher teaching Maths or Physic. Actually I enjoy teaching my juniors (the sense of satisfaction when they finally understand) and i feel that being a teacher is not bad (with the salary and benefits)... 

      The Problem: To take up H2 Chemistry or H2 Economics? As i plan to take up a course related to Engineering will it affect me somehow or another if i do not have H2 Chemistry? I do not have any interests/passion in Chemistry (but i score quite well for it) however i do have an interest in Economics after going for a trial lecture and i am confident that i will do well in it because i feel that it's like POA (Theory) + SS + Geography (Humans) combined together and i scored well for those subjects in O levels. 

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    • Take H2 Chemistry and H1 Econs.

      Taking H2 Chemistry allows you to keep your options open, as many sciences courses (including some engineering courses) require Chemistry, either directly or indirectly.

      Taking H2 Econs is utterly useless, as you don't even need Econs (whether at H1 or H2), to take Econs at the Uni level.

      Besides, Chemistry is interesting, meaningful and enjoyable, while Econs is not, not, not.

      Increasingly, even physics based engineering courses will interface with chemistry. Not having H2 Chem may put you at a disadvantage (compared to your peers, most of whom would have taken H2 Chem), even for physics based engineering courses.

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    • H2 economics is not the same as the previous "A" level economics.

      H2 economics emphasizes on the concepts that are applicable to the current econmic issues now. It is not like the previous "A" level economics whereby it is boring and not applicable. For instance the demand for goods and services are based on the law of diminishing marginal utility that is not so realistic.

      The current H2 Econmics help students to understand the current economic issues better with the relevant concepts especially it has a strong focus on Singapore Economy.

      Students can now see the relevance of what they have learnt in H2 Economics to the current economics issues.

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    • I eventually chose H2 Maths, H2 Physic, H2 Economics, H1 Chemistry. The reason being is that I took combine science and my lecturers told me to lessen the load on my Sciences. Adding on to that, all the courses that I am interested in does not require H2 Chemistry.

      Nevertheless, thanks for replying UltimaOnline and Lee012lee~


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    • Yes, H2 Econs would be beneficial for Engineering courses in NTU/NUS. Since you have less interest in chem, it may be better to take H1 Chem since you are not likely to do any Chem related subjects in uni.

      Combined sci students who do Chem in A levels usually have some problems adjusting to the difficulty level in Chem.

      H2 Econs is a highly beneficial subject which will benefit you the whole lifetime in Sg since Sg is so pragmatic and almost everything operates on economical principles in Sg.

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