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Tips for O/A Levels Chemistry students

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    • Hi all,

       I have compiled tips for O/A level Chemistry students on my blogs. Hope they may help you.

       Thank you for your support over the years.


      4/2017 : The websites are undergoing some maintenance and are not available at the moment. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.






      Mr Chong

      B.Sc(Hons) in Chemistry, PGDE

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    • Hi all,

       I have added a few posts to my resource blogs. Do check it out.

      Have a happy Lunar New Year to all friends on internet!!

      Mr Chong



    • Hi all,

       I have made minor updates to my blogs. Do check them out.

      Thanks to all!

    • All the best to all who are having their mid-year exams!!

      Do practise some past year mid-year exam papers or prelim papers to gain confidence.




      Hi everyone,

       In the new academic year, we need to plan our time wisely. Setting goals for what we want to achieve this year and motivating ourselves to accomplish the tasks ahead despite obstacles, are imperative. The challenge is to better ourselves and specifically, for chemistry, is to be curious about the world of atoms, molecules and ions.

       Do keep an open mind and be positive about learning the analytical skills in chemistry that will be for use in applications throughout your adult life.

      All the best!!



      Mr Pang Peng Cheong (private tutor) and Sam Lee have had a bestselling organic chemistry summary booklet for years. It is now available at Popular bookshop at $8. It is a useful book and you may want to get it.

      Please do not fall back on your organic chemistry lectures and tutorials as every new topic builds on the foundations of the earlier topics. Do clarify your concepts early.

      Be intentional, consistent and persistent.

      With our good education system, I will not be surprised if our country can produce a Nobel Prize winner in 20-30 years time. What needs to change is the exam oriented culture.

      All the best!!


      Hi all,

       I have created a new post titled "Substances that teachers may like". These molecules have appeared in Cambridge papers in recent years and your teachers may re-use some of these molecules in test papers. So have a look at this post.


      Thanks and all the best!!


      Hi everyone,

       This is a consolidation practice paper in a similar style as Paper 3 of prelims exams for JC2 students. Be rest assured, the standard is much lower than your school prelims so it may give you some morale booster. It is for you to re-cap what you have learned in these two years of JC.

      Spread the word around. Thanks!!



      All the best to you!!



      18 Dec 2016



      If you are a JC1 student in 2017, I warmly welcome you to the new JC life. Please feel free to look at my blogs. Please note that my blog address for the A level Chemistry blogs has changed. Please update accordingly.


      For secondary school students, you may look at:



      Hi all,

       I have given a new look to my A level blogs. They can be viewed at:


      There is a new H2 Chemistry key concepts book titled "A level H2 Chemistry Key Concepts" written by Adeline Chew, published by EPH.

      It contains basic and highly simplified information of all the Chemistry chapter summaries.

      This book can be purchased at Popular bookshop.


      Mr Chong



      Hi all,

       Welcome to a new year 2017!

      You may like to settle down in school, and prioritise on what needs to be done for the subject Chemistry. Some may need to catch up on last year's work, while others can start afresh and read carefully the school or tutor's notes.

      Practice is an important key for chemistry. It is important to practise questions as past year exam questions have been quite tricky for O and A levels.

      It is also imperative to clarify doubts with your teacher, tutor or schoolmates.

      All the best!!


      Mr Chong

      Chemistry tutor







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