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    • Not just between USA and Russia banishing each other's spies, now even Singapore accuses China professor (from LKY School of Public Policy) of being a China spy, revoking his Singapore PR status and banishes him and his wife back to China.





    • A kaypoh peeking over at rapist's text messages during a plane trip alerts police to the rapes of two children, ages 5 and 7.



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      But they did effusively praise Trump for announcing on Twitter two weeks ago that he will be ejecting transgender people from the military, men and women serving their country honorably and whose service is needed. Trump’s own defense secretary, James Mattis, who lobbied members of Congress just a few weeks ago not to restrict medical care to transgender people, was reportedly “appalled” by Trump’s announcement, which he wasn’t consulted on. Fifty-six former generals and admirals wrote a letter to Trump opposing the decision.


    • I did not attack the Singapore judiciary: Li Shengwu



    • WannaCry hero Marcus Hutchins could face 40 years in US prison



    • 'PPAP' star Piko-Taro marries model girlfriend 15 years his junior



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    • What would Louis Ng say?


      They have tried full-body spray-painting a captured monkey before release, which caused the other monkeys to reject the painted animal -- who later died.



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    • Truth is stranger than fiction. Check out this historical non-fictional soap opera, the life of Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.


      Nero accused Christians of starting the fire to remove suspicion from himself. According to this account, many Christians were arrested and brutally executed by "being thrown to the lions, crucified, and being burned alive".


    • Vivien Teoh Yi Wen should be released soon, the poor woman.


      After repeated struggles, the couple with the baby ended up in the master bedroom, and both of them were brandishing a knife. In the room, the “husband and wife circled each other and when he kept on advancing, she swung her knife wildly at him, inflicting wounds including one that penetrated his heart.”


    • [Singapore] - China Spy from LKY School wanted cabby to open the taxi door for him and "kowtow" to him



    • He's still stuck in US prison. Remarkable how his Wikipedia page has lengthened considerably from his humble beginnings. Imagine how long it would take for you to type out the entire Wikipedia page, let alone write it out from scratch.


    • image:(


    • http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/opinion/30322503

      Vorayuth Yoovidhya, the billionaire heir to the international Red Bull empire, represents a wider segment of the population and is more characteristic of what’s wrong in this country. His alleged crime is a lot simpler than Thaksin’s and Yingluck’s. The young man was accused of a hit and run that killed a policeman several years ago. There were no complexities of the ballot boxes’ “legitimacy” or soul-searching about how much a government leader should be held accountable for a policy that goes wrong. A cop was fatally run over by a Ferrari that Vorayuth allegedly drove, and that was that. Yet Vorayuth remains a “free” man. Having fled the country, he has not been living in jungles or hopping from one secret hideout to another. In fact, Thai law-enforcement officers know where he is, and the only thing that prevented them from catching him recently was – don’t laugh – because they didn’t know how to proceed with the extradition in English. It was a shot in the dark, obviously. A senior police official said the extradition process involved translating some 30 pages of legal documents, “which needs to be done carefully”. You can be forgiven if you thought it was a joke. I did. After all, what’s so difficult about telling the authorities in a foreign country that this is a man accused of killing a cop in a car accident? The man might (or might not!) finally be brought to justice, but that’s not the point. Thailand’s problem is someone accused of fatally running over a policeman in 2012 has remained free all this time. The average guy on the street couldn’t do that. And it’s not just Vorayuth. The elite rich and elite royal Thai perpetrators manage to stay out of legal reaches all the time and many of them even re-emerge after a while to live a comfortable life as if nothing had happened.


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    • http://annx.asianews.network/content/opinion-waiting-justice-52040

      Where is the justice when a village council orders the rape of a woman? Few concepts have as much gravitas as justice. But as the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif has shown, in Pakistan, even justice can appear ambivalent. Is it justice if it is seen as selective? Can justice be served if it appears that dangerous precedents have been established? While the country obsesses over the course of justice as it plays out at the highest levels, there is little capacity to consider how it is typically meted out in our country. Last week, while we awaited the Supreme Court verdict on the Panama case, reports emerged that a panchayat in Muzaffarabad, in the Multan area, ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl to settle scores after her brother was accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. The teenager was raped allegedly before the 40-odd members of the panchayat and her parents. Several days passed before the girls’ mothers lodged FIRs, and the police began to arrest panchayat members.


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      More details are emerging about the police operation in Ozamiz City that resulted in the death of 15 people, including Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog Sr, his wife Susan, his brother Octavio Jr and 12 others. But on the face of it, it appears to have been an operation gone horribly wrong. The purpose of a search warrant, it’s reasonable to assume, is the gathering of evidence in connection with a case presumably being built up by the police, and not the death of suspects who might in fact have valuable primary information that could buttress that case. But in this instance, the warrants served on the victims by joint teams from the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), the Misamis Occidental provincial police and the Ozamiz police resulted in nothing less than a bloodbath. The police said it was a shootout — that their raiding teams were met with resisting gunfire when they tried to serve the warrants on six Parojinog properties at about 2:30am last Sunday, thus forcing them to fire back. Residents of Barangay San Roque Lawis said a power outage occurred right before the raid; electricity was cut, apparently in aid of the operation. The police version of what happened afterwards is being disputed by Jeffrey James Ocang, legal officer of the Ozamiz local government, who said in a TV interview that “there was no exchange of gunfire”. Based on pictures that have gone viral, “all the wounds of the victims are head shots”. The Parojinogs’ properties had CCTVs that could shed light on how the raid unfolded, but these were reportedly disabled by the cops before the operation, and no mention of them has been made by the Philippine National Police (PNP). There’s also the curious thing of search warrants served in the wee hours of the morning, under cover of darkness — a peculiarity that recalls another incident: the police raid in November 2016 on the station in Baybay, Leyte, that held Albuera, Leyte, Mayor Rolando Espinosa, based on a search warrant that was also being served at an ungodly hour.


    • Archaeological find in Jerusalem ‘proves Bible passage is historically true’



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    • Million Dollar Question : Is Huang Jing an American spy or a China spy?


      Lin Xieyi (China) : From the recent news article, we know he is a US citizen and works for China’s Xinhua News Agency. He tried to influence Singapore’s foreign policy, (probably trying to encourage Singapore to be more proactive in provoking China, after Philippines had backed off?) There are tons of Chinese spying for the United States worldwide. He is probably a CIA agent working for the US government, gathering intelligence on Singapore’s foreign policy stance with China. People would have let down their guard since he is a Chinese and will never think that the US government will trust him and made him a CIA agent. This works to his advantage. This fiasco tells the world that no matter how staunchly you support the United States, the US will still spy on you. Recall the PRISM scandal which affected Western leaders after the Snowden defection. If he is an agent for China, he would have been denied entry to the US and probably had his US citizenship revoked since Singapore is the United States staunch ally. A US State Department official said: "We are aware of the press release from Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs and media reports regarding a US citizen. We have no further information to share due to privacy considerations."

      Bilahari Kausikan (Singapore) : LOL! Idiot.


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    • Family of 8 living on $500/month with no water, $5 Pay U and limited transport fare


      Visited a needy family at Marine Terrace yesterday – I was fascinated by the beautiful sea view on top of the block though it houses three rental blocks for Singapore’s poorest. About 20 metres away are another two more rental units.

      The five rental blocks for the poor are surrounded by our high-rise HDB flats with a 3-room unit selling easily at $380,000 minimum. But these poor families pay rent of between $50 to $300 each depending on the combined income of the family members.

      There is a narrow common corridor leading to the unit and there is little hint of any poverty outside as its sparkling clean and like I mentioned earlier there is also the beautiful sea view.

      A PayU meter – sign of a family in poverty – caught my attention as it hung on the left side of the main door leading into the cosy living room. A PayU meter is used by the needy so that they will control their electrical usage – it can only be topped up at the SingPost using a pre-set key.

      The meter reads $5.90 so the family probably can use it to power their electrical household consumption till Saturday at the most as the daily usage is about $2 for the powering of lights, fan, fridge and other simple electrical appliances. I gave them about $50 to top up the Pay U before leaving.

      They confided in me that there are periods whereby they live without any electricity as they simply have no cash to do the top-up – the longest they have to live with candlelight at night is close to a month!

      Tears welled up when they say that as I remembered my own experience with darkness when my parents could not pay the SP bills on time when I was still in primary school. We light candles too to pass through the bleak nights and its no fun.

      Furniture for the family of 8 is mostly hand-me-down and a nice cosy creamy sofa took up a main corner of the living room. A large plasma TV – another hand-me-down from the nearby FSC is the family’s regular entertainment time-buster. Canned food and parcels of rice filled up a large corner in the kitchen – donations from the FSC and some charity groups.

      I met up with the wife whose four kids are at home with one taking the crucial PSLE this year. One other boy will join the schooling troll next year and the last one is a young toddler of four years old.

      The husband later join us and says he has kidney pain after falling from a gondola cleaning job many years ago but strangely he refuses any medical treatment procedure even though many are keen to foot for the expenses.

      He told me he fears knowing the truth if anything is wrong with his kidney though he cycles regularly to improve his health condition. He can only make do with a part-time cleaner job paying $500/month so naturally alot of the bills go unpaid for months…

      They show me the reduced water flow tap which they have endure for close to almost 8 months since December last year. They could only rinse or wash their body after collecting water in big pails and it was tough seeing how they could live like this for so long.

      These are really tough people I thought. Fancy living with a reduced water flow for the past 8 months!

      You can’t bathe properly, brush your teeth nor clean the house…you have to handwash your clothes as there is not enough water for the washing machine to work.

      But that’s not the worse of their problem. The wife is more concerned with the rental default of 2 months – each month the rent payable to HDB is $160 and they are fearing the worst that one day they have to live outside at the park or beach when their rental default accumulates over time.

      The rental default is their biggest fear – much more than the reduced water flow or the blackout – not having a roof for the family will be devastating and the 2-month rental default is disturbing them.

      They told me that once they received the GST $300 credit recently, the first thing they paid is the HDB rental default followed by repayment to some loans from friends.

      The $300 GST credit each of them received was used up within a flash due to the huge amount of backlog bills they have to repay.

      In fact, the meagre $500 monthly salary is usually used up within a week or sometimes less as truly its not alot of money for a family of eight to spend on.

      The more shocking piece of news came when the family confided that sometimes the children have to walk to school at Tg Katong and they have to wake up at 5am to start the arduous one-hour journey to school by foot in the dark due to a lack of transport fare. Sometimes, Mr Rosli the father would send them to school in his bicycle but the three just couldn’t fit in the small bicycle and he has to ferry them in two trips.

      The school bus costs $85/month and sending the three kids via this channel is simply not an option. Fortunately, another school-going child studies in a nearby school within a short walking distance.

      The worst nightmare came when they could not go to school sometimes due to the tiring long walking distance and they will simply skip school altogether for the day – this happens almost weekly.

      The teacher and vice-principal of the school dropped by to investigate but strangely only one out of three children studying in the same primary school receives the school’s pocket fund of $50/month. The other two were rejected perhaps due to a 24-month limit imposed on the fund’s dispersal.

      The kids often have to go through recess without any food and of course a Macdonald meal is something like a luxury for them.

      Weekend is usually a family gathering at home watching a TV programme or walks at the East Coast Park nearby – also a regular feature for the family.

      As we went through all the bills together – which amounted to more than $1500 in total – the family seems to be resilient and resigned to living in such dire straits. Many others may have simply broke down long time ago but yet I can see the worry and strain on their faces as they live from hand to mouth not for months but many years.

      Another worrying point is how can our meritocratic system ensures that the kids do not stay trapped in such a porous poverty cycle and will they ever get out of it given the situation they are in right now?

      We have advocated all along that only by having a good education can one forge ahead but yet this family seems to have miss the boat with regular absenteeism from classes and lessons. They have precious little to hang on to and their future does not look bright.

      One puzzling fact out of the 2-hour visit is also the denial of basic human necessities eg water, electricity and housing if you don’t pay up on time for them.

      After 3 to 5 months of continuous default, Singapore Power will come up to your home and reduce the water flow to a trickle till you pay at least half of the bill before they will open up the normal water flow.

      If you can’t pay up the electrical bill, they will instal a Pay U power meter so your electricity will be curtailed once you have no money to top up.

      If you don’t have money to pay your rent, HDB will send threatening letters to foreclose your house so you fear the day you will end up homeless and need to live in the park or beach with your family members.

      Someone did a quote at a Hong Lim Park event years ago…it read “Our country is so rich but the people are very poor”.

      Its so apt and as for Mr Rosli’s family my heart goes out to them and God knows how many of such families we have right now…they are simply living from hand to mouth.

      Pity the kids…

    • For political purposes to win votes, politicians will pretend to be extremely religious, and seek to exploit race and religion for their own selfish manipulative purposes. "If the opposition wins, the Chinese and Indians will bully us Malays! That's why you must vote for us UMNO!"

      Malaysia : Religion is slowly but surely taking control over the Country


    • The wrong song can sabo even the most talented performer.


      Simon Cowell Stopped Her From Singing. He's Glad He Did.


    • I posted this before, but it's worth a repost.


      Judges Suspect She Lip Sync & Demand her to Stop.


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    • Gee, it must be nice to be a billionaire.

      Billionaire Simon Cowell (looking like a pimp with his sunglasses) in his luxurious Malibu mansion, instructs 17 year old Samantha Lavery (who has a nice Geordie / Irish / Scottish type accent) contestant to remove her makeup.



      Here's Samantha Lavery singing "I'll Stand By You" (originally by The Pretenders)



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    • Singaporean narrates his experience rejoining the local education system after living abroad for years



    • Putin may no longer have 6-pack abs, but how many Singaporeans are as physically fit as him at 64 years old? How about 33 year old Fatty Kim Jong Un?



    • [Dubai] - One of the tallest (79 floors) residential buildings in the world named "Torch Tower" (irony, geddit?), kena outbreak of fire, over 40 floors engulfed in flames.



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