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    • Singaporean Wen Huiru now has her own Wikipedia page. After VJC, she went to obtain an accounting degree from NTU, and was offered a lucrative job at one of the big 4 accounting firms, but turned it down to pursue a professional singing career, courageously following her own dreams. Her social media accounts are at the bottom of her Wikipedia page (check out her many Facebook and Instagram photos with many other entertainment industry personalities all across Asia, illustrating her extensive networking in the industry, in turn illustrating her 100% commitment and dedication to this profession and career).




    • Will Bitcoin go the way of the Tulip? Nobody can say for sure. But if it (as representative of the most successful blockchain cryptocurrencies) indeed continues increasing in value ad infinitum as investors greedily hope, then it would indeed be a never before experienced frontier phenomenon of human experience. But if history is anything to go buy (pun intended), you would do well to heed the lesson of the Tulip.



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    • Doctors confirm mysterious brain damage in Cuban US Embassy diplomat attack victims


      Medical doctors, FBI investigators and U.S. intelligence agencies have spent months trying to piece together the puzzle in Havana, where the U.S. says 24 U.S. government officials and spouses fell ill starting last year in homes and later in some hotels. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday he's "convinced these were targeted attacks," but the U.S. doesn't know who's behind them.


    • Thrill-seeking is natural and perfectly understandable. But if you recognize and respect the immeasurable value of physical incarnation (even with all its unbearable suffering for some of us), you'll take the necessary safety precautions and still get to enjoy your thrills. Eg. Do the vertical skywalk @ AJ Hackett Sentosa, in which your safety is professionally ensured. Instead of say, these 6 people who died (ever year there are hundreds who die) taking video selfies and/or doing free-running at extreme heights :



      [Singapore] - Veteran S’porean photographer calls out Singaporean Instagrammers who risk life to pose dangerously atop buildings in Singapore



    • Exactly how STUPID is Donald Trump? We'll find out very soon, with potentially devastating repercussions on the entire world if he turns out to be really THAT STUPID.


    • While this counterbalancing article is indeed correct, the problem is that the situational control does not fall entirely on the coldly calculating governments (all of whom manipulatively use religion for their own selfish political agendas, despite what they profess to their peoples), but instead it's the hot-blooded rash peoples of the affected countries who will feel personally victimized, take personal offence and consequently want to carry out wanton violence to no end. Trump thinks (of course he does) his brilliant decision is actually designed to bring lasting peace. The naïve fool. If Trump was smarter or knew better, he would leave this to Saudi Arabia (which is by far the best authority to broker a lasting peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians, including the only possible acceptable solution in regard to Jerusalem).

      Though the astute reader will note that the following article, by a concerned and clear-eyed Muslim, is of the opinion that Saudi Arabia (the self-declared representative of Islam worldwide) is ironically more anti-Muslim (not anti-Islam, there is a difference) than even Israel, citing the anti-humanitarian Saudi intervention of Yemen, motivated by Sunni-Islamic Saudi Arabia's uncontrollable hatred for Shia-Islamic Iran (if you really understand what's going on, religion is really only a front, or at most only a single facet amongst many, for geopolitical power struggles).




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    • Read the 1048+ visitor comments below the article. Some of the conspiracy theories posted, regarding the mysterious brain damage attacks (that have officially baffled the USA and Cuban governments, but unofficially they should have an idea of what's happening and who's behind the attacks) are convincing, or at the very least, certainly plausible.


    • What's also interesting, is that the symptoms described (see below), and even the medical evidence of consequent brain damage, could be seemingly ascribed to a supernatural and/or psychic attack (again, read the symptoms below). Psychic warfare on a military level is top secret, but real. And those who understand the psychic realities, will recognize that it's indeed possible to psychically create malevolent non-physical entities whose sole purpose is to carry out offensive psychic attacks, what's known as black magic or curses. An example of such that was carried out, as a historical instance, by the ancient religious priests tasked with protection of the tombs of the pharaohs, ie. what has become known as the curse of the pharaohs. But this is a sensitive topic whose knowledge of existence itself may do more harm than good, and it may be best left unknown to the general population.

      In this particular case however, a psychical dimension to these attacks is neither necessary nor probable in explaining the mysterious brain attacks. The most likely explanation, as pointed out by the visitor comments below the article, involve covert spy / military technologies (eg. chemical-based attacks, biological-based attacks, physics-based attacks such as radiation, sonar, etc) by a foreign government intent on disrupting USA-Cuba relations.

      U.S. officials told the AP that the FBI and CIA investigators have now determined:

      — The most frequently reported sound patients heard was a high-pitched chirp* or grating metal. Fewer recalled a low-pitched noise, like a hum.

      — Some were asleep and awakened by the sound, even as others sleeping in the same bed or room heard nothing.

      — Vibrations sometimes accompanied the sound. Victims told investigators these felt similar to the rapid flutter of air when windows of a car are partially rolled down.

      — Those worst off knew right away something was affecting their bodies. Some developed visual symptoms within 24 hours, including trouble focusing on a computer screen.


      * Visitor comment : "I also regularly experience high-pitched chirps that irritate my brain... it's my wife."

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    • Fake sign language interpreter gatecrashes press conference to deliver nonsense message


      Video : https://sg.yahoo.com/news/fake-sign-language-interpreter-gatecrashes-press-conference-deliver-nonsense-message-142031173.html

    • image

      Najib in all Barisan Nasional blue dress indicating election year is fast approaching


      Meanwhile, in other news...

      The alleged corruption related to a Malaysian state investment fund is “kleptocracy at its worst,” U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday.


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    • https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/05/opinion/american-obsession-iran-middle-east.html


      If there is a common denominator explaining so many recent events in the Middle East — actions by Saudi Arabia, the U.S., Syria, Israel and Yemen — it can be expressed in one word: Iran. Everyone has Iran’s growing power and influence in the region on the mind — including Iran — and that obsession is making a lot of people crazy.

      For instance, the Trump administration, like Barack Obama’s, actually wants to get away from the Middle East — as much as possible — but while leaving as little Iranian influence behind as possible.

      Saudi Arabia, under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known as M.B.S., wants to get ahead in the Middle East and reform his economy for the 21st century — while curtailing as much Iranian influence in the region as possible.

      And the Iranians want to get wide — to expand their influence from Tehran to the Mediterranean — not by creating a successful and attractive development model at home that Arabs and other Muslims would want to emulate, but rather by forcing their way into Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq through local Shiite militias that have created states within these states.

      This is generating a lot of anxiety in the Arab world, the U.S. and Israel without enough people stepping back and thinking: So pro-Iranian militias control a bunch of bad neighborhoods in Beirut, Sana, Damascus and Baghdad. Tell me, what is second prize? What are they really “winning”?

      Iran has a richly talented population, and rich Persian culture. But instead of unleashing both and enabling Iran’s youth to realize their full potential — and making the country influential that way — the ayatollahs are suppressing those talents at home and unleashing the power of Shiite mercenaries on Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, and compelling influence that way instead.

      It’s actually rather pathetic. The greatest thing that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia could do is to stop working each other into a lather over this Iranian “threat” and to focus on their domestic reform agendas. That would be the best revenge on Tehran.

      For starters, American, European and Arab leaders should all be encouraging M.B.S. to keep going where no Saudi leader before him has dared to go — pursuing his stated goal of reversing the religious right turn that the kingdom took in 1979, after the takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca by Muslim extremists. That prompted the Saudi rulers at the time to ban fun, tighten the control of the religious police over society and to much more aggressively export the most misogynist, anti-pluralistic interpretation of Islam to mosques and madrasas across the Muslim world, tilting the whole faith community to the right.

      If M.B.S. fulfills his vow to bring Saudi Islam back to “moderation,” it will surely improve the status of Muslim women, the quality of education in Muslim communities and the relationship between Muslims and other faiths across the globe. We in the West have spent tremendous sums “countering Muslim extremism.” We may finally have a Saudi leader ready to do that work — from the wellspring of Islam — and it would over time hugely benefit Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


    • Time magazine's “Person of the Year” winner has been chosen... and it's not Amos Yee.



    • The rat kept crawling over Phekan Manjhi's arm as he battled to pin it to the ground before he eventually managed to kill it with repeated blows to the head, which makes for another meal lined up for the Rat Eaters -- some of India's poorest people.



    • In case you didn't know, SO = Security Officer

      Singapore PM Lee Hsien Loong at hawker centre with Ho Ching


      Narong Wongwan posted : "His SO shove away one blur fuck that was walking too near."


    • Ang Moh who lives in China :

      What I love about Singapore is that Chinese food from all over China can be found here. As a person who lives in China, I sometimes find it frustrating that the cuisine is so localized. In Sichuan, it’s hard to find Hainanese food for example. Singapore and it’s food hawker centres are a best-of album of Asian food from all across Asia.



    • image

      On 24 November, Ninja Van contacted me that they will deliver the goods to me. I waited for them the whole day at home and decided to call them at 6pm to check it out. The operator confirmed that the parcel will be delivered to me by 10pm. I waited for another 4 hours but I see no NINJA! After that I called up the centre again and they advised that the delivery was not successful! I was furious that no one even called me and they advised me to reschedule it to Monday (27/11), 6-10pm instead and PROMISED that I will get it.

      On 27 November (Monday)I waited for Ninja Van the whole night but no one called me at all, so i decided to call up Ninja Van again and this time round they told me that no driver was assigned!! The standard statement by the operator was " Sir, we understand your frustration! Nothing you can do at this moment but to wait till tomorrow! I am so sorry sir, we will definitely escalate the issue up!" They told me that they will reschedule again to Tues (28/11)! I was so so angry but have to accept it!

      On Tuesday (28/11), no one called me AT ALL!!! I called up again and they said Wed (29/11)!! They must be insane to expect everyone waiting at home for the parcels everyday. On Wed, I was trying to be at home again but no one called me but subsequently sent me the same message to inform me that the delivery was not successful again. I called up the centre and they told me to wait again on Thursday (the call center aint friendly at all and they asked me to literally suck it up).

      So to fast forward, i received the same message on Thursday but no one turned up. Today, they told me the delivery was successfully, yehh FINALLY, but successfully returned to the SENDER, not me!


    • Nice to see increasing numbers of international artistes, actors, singers and personalities (eg. American, Korean, etc) visiting Singapore, including taking a couple of vacation days sightseeing around Singapore or eating chili crab, alongside their concert performances in Singapore. Over a decade ago, Singapore was a relative unknown, ang mohs would say, "Is it in China?", but in recent years, in part due to greater exposure not just from MICE but from Hollywood and social media exposure, Singapore's soft power, reputation and popularity has risen dramatically. A nice aspect of globalization, for a change.



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    • Now there is a man of principle.

      Intelligence agencies made contact with monetary offers and he rebuffed them. "I am not a spy or a journalist," he would say. "I tell them this: If you want the information, it's published and it's public for free. Take it."



    • Hmmm... not the most attentive boyfriend... hardly gives his girlfriend any screen time, doesn't pan the camera over to her even when she's speaking, and repeatedly cuts her off abruptly in his video editing. He should go for couple's counseling if he intends to marry her and stay happily married.



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    • Nicole Seah has joined the Worker's Party.


    • What an exciting, engaging and riveting jigsaw puzzle for everyone! All jigsaw puzzles should be like this! ;D



    • image

      Melissa Chen is an important Singaporean international free-thinking secular humanist human-rights activist that you should take note of. Whether you agree or disagree with her strongly-opinionated views, you can respect her for living out her principles and convictions.

      "Melissa Chen" on YouTube :

      "Melissa Chen" on Facebook :

      "Melissa Chen" on Twitter :

      Lester978 is strongly anti-MelissaChen in his views (so much so you wonder if they are ex-boyfriend ex-girlfriend), but to facilitate a counterbalancing well-rounded perspective, here are Lester987's views on his blog (which he self-describes as "Reflections on subjects of topical interest in elegant prose of pith and perspicuity") :

      "Melissa Chen" on Google :

    • image


      For those of you not familiar with the "Postmodernism" versus "Enlightenment" that Melissa Chen's speech was about, here are your catch-up reading links :



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    • A 13-year-old China boy has been arrested for chopping off his mother's head


    • Maybe it's just self-consolation that I view such videos, but it's true that Singaporeans don't appreciate what they have. It may sound like a PAP propaganda cliché, but ask any foreigner, they know that you can't get a Singapore by accident or luck, it is the result of judicious foresight and deliberate careful planning.

      What I Love Most About Singapore by Wade Shepard




      싱가폴여행 CAN WE LIVE HERE?! 🌴 Our Trip to SINGAPORE | Travel Vlog by 2hearts1seoul


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