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    • Judge Judy is an American arbitration-based reality court show presided over by Judge Judy Sheindlin, a retired Manhattan family court judge. The show features Sheindlin adjudicating real-life small claim disputes within a simulated courtroom set. Prior to the proceedings, all parties involved must sign arbitration contracts agreeing to Sheindlin's ruling, handling and production staff management.



    • Watch Fat Feminist Get Destroyed By Slim ChioBu With Just One Question... and guess who everyone else in the room agrees with



    • Visitors' comments below the article (note that the article is written by Malay Muslim journalist Syed Jaymal Zahiid, and not by some 'cina babi' journalist).



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    • Which clip is your favourite? Lotsa good ones, but mine starts at 5:59



    • This actually happened. Trump sees an Asian chiobu intelligence analyst, asks "Where are you from?". She's an American citizen, so she says she's from America. He says, "No, which country did your ancestors come from?". She replies, "Korea". Trump then says, "You Korean people should help negotiate with Kim Jong Un."


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    • Singaporean man needs your help to find his big black cock



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    • The correct term technical is 'Channeler'. Charlatans aside, which specific extraphysical consciousness the channeler is able to psychically contact and channel, depends on several factors, including personal karma, energetic resonance and specific psychic skills. Both the channeler (assuming in the first place is genuine and not charlatan) and the clients have to be careful, as there will always be risks of extraphysical intruders, false guides and entities of various natures that resort to deceit and falsely masquerade other entities by name and identity. Ye shall know them by their fruits.



    • [Britain] - Vigilante group 'Justice Will Be Served' sets up entrapment for man using Grindr app ; the accused begs for mercy saying he 'could get killed' because homosexuality is 'against his religion', while vigilante group disagrees, saying it's not homosexuality that's his problem, it's his sexual preying on under-aged boys.



    • [Singapore] - Police called in after fight breaks out between 2 groups (1st group of 2 men and 4 women, 2nd group of 4 women) over a cutting queue misunderstanding at Bugis Cube taxi stand, 1st group with 2 men flees before police arrive



    • [Literature Analysis] - The Understated Significance Underlying The Breaking Bad Phone Call



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    • Fun hypotheticals.








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    • Haiti is such a poor country, everyone is starving and has to eat soil-cookies or mud-cakes (ie. made of ground soil or mud, butter and salt) to fill their stomachs every day.



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    • Mothership psychoanalyzes chiobu blogger's nonsense post.



    • You can see why it's no coincidence, the stark and still-increasing contrast of the difference in socioeconomic progress between racially-fair Singapore and racially-biased Malaysia. You don't need to be LKY to know that a country that treats all races fairly will progress faster than a country that practices apartheid policy in various guises.



    • Beethoven : 关我屁事?!? image

      In a futuristic Britain, Alex DeLarge is the leader of his "droogs", Georgie, Dim and Pete. One night, after getting intoxicated on drug-laden "milk-plus", they engage in an evening of "ultra-violence", which includes a fight with a rival gang led by Billyboy. They drive to the country home of writer F. Alexander and beat him to the point of crippling him for life. Alex then rapes his wife while singing "Singin' in the Rain". The next day, while truant from school, Alex is approached by his probation officer Mr. P. R. Deltoid, who is aware of Alex's activities and cautions him.

      Alex's droogs express discontent with petty crimes and want more equality and high yield thefts, but Alex asserts his authority by attacking them. Later, Alex invades the home of a wealthy "cat-lady" and bludgeons her with a phallic sculpture while his droogs remain outside. On hearing sirens, Alex tries to flee but Dim smashes a bottle on his face, stunning him and leaving him to be arrested by the police. With Alex in custody, Mr. Deltoid gloats that the woman he attacked died, making Alex a murderer. He is sentenced to 14 years in prison.

      Two years into the sentence, Alex eagerly takes up an offer to be a test subject for the Minister of the Interior's new Ludovico technique, an experimental aversion therapy for rehabilitating criminals within two weeks. Alex is strapped to a chair, injected with drugs, and forced to watch films of sex and violence with his eyes propped open. Alex becomes nauseated by the films, and then recognises the films are set to music of his favourite composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Fearing the technique will make him sick upon hearing Beethoven, Alex begs for the end of the treatment. Two weeks later, the Minister demonstrates Alex's rehabilitation to a gathering of officials. Alex is unable to fight back against an actor who taunts and attacks him, and becomes ill at the sight of a topless woman. The prison chaplain complains Alex has been robbed of his free will, but the Minister asserts that the Ludovico technique will cut down crime and alleviate crowding in the prisons.

      Alex is let out as a free man, only to find his parents have sold his possessions as restitution to his victims, and have let out his room. Alex encounters an elderly vagrant that he had attacked years earlier, and the vagrant and his friends attack him. Alex is saved by two policemen, but is shocked to find they are his former droogs Dim and Georgie. They drive him to the countryside, beat him up, and nearly drown him before abandoning him. Alex barely makes it to the doorstep of a nearby home before collapsing.

      Alex wakes up to find himself in the home of Mr. Alexander and cared for by his manservant, Julian. Mr. Alexander does not recognise Alex from the previous attack but knows of Alex and the Ludovico technique from the newspapers. He sees Alex as a political weapon, and prepares to present him to his colleagues. While bathing, Alex breaks into "Singin' in the Rain", causing Mr. Alexander to realise that Alex was the person who assaulted him and his wife. With help from his colleagues, Mr. Alexander drugs and locks Alex in an upstairs bedroom, Beethoven's Ninth Symphony playing loudly from the floor below. Alex is unable to withstand the sickening pain and attempts suicide by throwing himself out the window, falling unconscious on the ground.

      Alex wakes up in a hospital with broken bones. While being given a series of psychological tests, Alex finds that he no longer has an aversion to violence or sex. The Minister arrives and apologises to Alex. He offers to take care of Alex and get him a job in return for his cooperation with his election campaign and public relations counter-offensive. As a sign of goodwill, the Minister brings in a stereo system playing Beethoven's Ninth. Alex then contemplates violence and has vivid thoughts of himself having sex with a woman in front of an approving crowd, thinking: "I was cured, all right!"


    • LKY power lah.



    • Everyone else in the world is laughing at Singaporeans for saying 21 deg C is 'cold'. But some foreigners in Singapore are voicing out support in that 21 deg C in Singapore does indeed feel colder than 21 deg C in other parts of the world. Not all 21 deg C are the same. Read on to find out why.

      On a personal note, I love it, and would love for Singapore to be this cool throughout the year.



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    • Rob Lowe posted a screenshot of the message on Instagram the next day, writing, “This attitude is why people hate Hollywood celebrities. Bella, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced. We will try to move out our dead quicker.”



    • image

      President Jimmy Carter’s national security adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, got a call informing him that 2,200 missiles were heading toward the United States.

      Imagine how you would feel if you receive news that 2,200 missiles are headed towards Singapore right now.

      Stanislav Petrov, a 44-year-old lieutenant colonel in the Soviet Air Defense Forces, was the duty officer at a secret command center outside Moscow when the alarms went off. Computers warned that five missiles had been launched from an American base. “For 15 seconds, we were in a state of shock,” he later recalled in an interview with The Washington Post. Colonel Petrov, according to his obituary in The Times, was a pivotal cog in the decision-making chain. His superiors at the warning-system headquarters reported to the general staff of the military, which would consult with the Soviet leader, Yuri V. Andropov, on whether to launch a retaliatory nuclear attack on the USA. Electronic maps and screens were flashing as he tried to absorb streams of information. His training and intuition told him a first strike by the United States would come in an overwhelming onslaught, not “only five missiles,” he told The Post. After five nerve-racking minutes, he decided the reports were probably a false alarm. And they were. The satellite had mistaken the sun’s reflection off the tops of clouds for a missile launch.

      No kidding. If the USA really wanted to launch a military attack against another superpower, you can expect tens of thousands of nuclear missiles launched simultaneously. It'll be a miracle if planet Earth is still around after that. MADness.

      Do you realize this means the world very nearly ended, planet Earth was very nearly destroyed, all because of some sunlight reflecting off some clouds?


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    • Military applications of physics & chemistry, yo. Ablative Armor versus Reactive Armor.



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      Marie Constance Tan posted on Facebook :

      So just a few weeks ago on Christmas Day, I was heading back after a morning yoga session (I was no longer in my yoga clothes and it’s 2018, my clothes are irrelevant) and had boarded the Downtown line at Telok Ayer. It was 12pm in the afternoon and brightly lit as our MRT trains are. There were people on board, not packed like it usually is in the mornings, but I wasn’t alone.

      It wasn’t till I was at Mattar Station that I looked up from my phone and made eye contact with a random man sitting on my side of the seats, right beside the reserved seat, just as I was, but on the other end. It was awkward, as it usually is with strangers on public transport, but it doesn’t end there.

      Now that I’ve seen him, I notice him from my peripheral vision as I continue to use my phone. And from that, I notice him continuing to stare at me. Then move to the seat directly opposite me and a few seconds later, move to the same side as me, just TWO seats away from me.

      At this point I was on high alert. I felt nervous, uncomfortable, so much so that I literally felt my throat close up as I furiously texted Leo. I immediately started questioning everything. ‘Is it what Im wearing?’ ‘Am I not sitting ‘properly’ with my legs closed?’ But the worst question I asked myself was ‘am I just imagining things?’ I mean after all, it’s pretty damn arrogant to think that some random person was just so interested in staring at you.

      And I say it’s the worst because in that second, I VERY NEARLY wanted to feign ignorance and just pretended I didn’t notice him. And that soon changed to anger, as I realized I shouldn’t allow this piece of scum on the train to make me feel so upset and uncomfortable.

      So as he continued to stare at me, 2 seats away, I snap my head up to stare back at him and as I do it, he whips his head in the opposite direction as if he wasn’t even long in my direction in the first place! Exactly like those guilty dogs in those videos where they’re caught doing something wrong. Because he WAS guilty. That’s when I noticed he was holding his phone really awkwardly on his lap. With the camera directed at me. (ps pervs out there, it is SUPER obvious when you’re trying to be inconspicuous with your phone, please don’t even try)

      And I got so mad at him, that I used MY phone to give him a taste of his own medicine. I turned the camera on him, as you’ll see below, and I knew then that I wasn’t just imagining things. He turned back to look at me and got up and moved to the next cabin. Away from me, but guess what? STILL STARING AT ME THE REST OF MY RIDE.

      I was blinking back angry tears and feeling upset I couldnt do anything more because I literally didn’t know the right procedure. Do I call 999??? Do I press the emergency button in the cabin?? I did neither. And just before I got off the train, eager to escape this creep, the girl who was sitting next to me the entire time, taps me and shows me her phone. She had written a note warning me about the guy in blue!! That just reassured me I really WASN’T imagining it.

      In that completely shitty 15 mins of that train ride, that interaction made me feel hopeful and I felt happy and touched that this girl was looking out for me?! Shoutout to her because she made me feel SO much better. Exiting the train, I watched behind to check if the guy exited too. He didn’t, but the last image i have of him is him staring at me through the window, his whole body turned to look at me.

      I burst into tears afterwards because I’m angry and upset that I was made to feel so disgusting. Angry that I felt DIRTY. No, he did not physically assault me (trust me, this would’ve gone way worse for him if that was he case) - he didn’t even need to, but you have no idea how it feels like a bit of my soul died immediately after.

      I still remember his face and I think for a pretty long time, I’m going to remember it and how this random stranger in the train made me feel during the longest train ride of my life.

      Anyway, I made a police report afterwards and they didn’t take the video I have of him so I’ve decided to upload it here so everyone can look out for themselves.

      It was also only at the police station that i learnt that if I was ever in a situation like this again, that I should CALL 999 and inform them of which line and which direction my train was heading in and they’ll dispatch the trans com officers to your cabin to assist.

      Cherry on top of this whole experience was that while lodging the report, I -

      1. Was asked what I was wearing when it happened 2. Had to speak to male officers whom I feel didn’t really understand exactly how shitty I felt

      I was angry right after for letting him get away with it. There are still a lot of ‘I SHOULD HAVEs’ in my head with regards to what happened. I wish I had grabbed him and dragged him to the control station. I wish I had yelled at him and shamed him in public. I wish I stood up to him PROPERLY.

      Because this wasn’t the first time this has happened to me but it was the only time I actually did something about it. Even if he wasn’t physically arrested or anything.

      It’s not much but at least I feel a little bit more relieved, and more proud of myself for standing up to this one and not like the time when my friend and I were flashed at from the void deck from the next block while going home, or when an old man was staring at a friend and I, touching himself right beside us while we were seated in the bus - Ive finally SORT OF stood up to this one creep.

      TL;DR: please call 999 if you’re ever in a situation like this. And extend a helping hand if you ever notice anyone caught in a situation like that.


    • These are some of the most popular ways Singaporeans get scammed of their money. It’s 2018 and people are still falling for scams.

      But she so chio, can't be scammer lah...



    • It's a Malaysian website, with over 20,000 users from Singapore.



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    • image


    • How a Singaporean kena a Sg$800k debt, and still managed to clear the debt within 2 years, and is now a millionaire.


      Check out his unconventional advice : “If you are merely chasing your dream, your interest will start to fade. But if you are chasing money, the money will keep growing!


      On a related note, 'Matsuri', a Singaporean who studied Medicine in Australia, also warns, "Passion doesn't pay for your degree."

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