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    • Test yourself : Which man in this photo is richer?



    • Why would anyone want to, or bear to, so excruciatingly permanently ruin his/her own face, using concentrated strong acids? He/she could very easily have become permanently blind. The police may have their reasons for being certain she was lying, but it's still unbelievable anyone could do this to themselves. Suspicious.



    • Aquatic layers : Pelagic Photic Epipelagic Aphotic Mesopelagic Bathypelagic Abyssopelagic Hadopelagic Demersal Benthic

      Stratification : Pycnocline Isopycnal Chemocline Halocline Thermocline Thermohaline

      Lakes can be amictic or meromictic or holomictic (ie. oligomictic or polymictic or monomictic or dimictic).

      Lake stratification : Epilimnion Metalimnion Hypolimnion Destratification

    • Husband On Anesthesia Cannot Stop Hitting On Wife After Realizing She Lost 77 Pounds




    • Watch the first 33 seconds... it's the director singing to the intro scene.



    • Cats are terrified of cucumbers. Watch.


      Videos : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cats+cucumbers

      Here's why : https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=cats+cucumbers

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    • RIP Dolores O'Riordan.





    • The court heard that on 31 August last year, Tan was at a coffeeshop at Block 418 Yishun Avenue 11 with a male friend. She had earlier been at the State Courts to file a complaint against her former employer for allegedly unfairly terminating her.

      At the coffeeshop, Tan slammed a stack of documents she was carrying onto a table, sparking a dispute with a female patron who was also seated there.

      Later, while Tan was on a phone call, she began to bang the table and shout. The other patrons asked her to keep quiet but she refused.

      Tan’s friend tried to take her somewhere else to finish her phone call but she shouted at him and refused to comply. More patrons then asked her to leave the coffeeshop.

      A patron near Tan then called the police, saying that he saw that Tan had a “sword” on the table, and that she was behaving aggressively. When the police arrived, they discovered that the “sword” was a toy with LED lights – an item Tan had been planning to sell.


      As Tan was attracting a lot of attention at the coffeeshop, the police asked her to go to a void deck at Block 419 Yishun Avenue 11. She was then told that she would be placed under arrest for causing public nuisance.

      Tan became agitated, thinking that she was going to be arrested over a toy sword. She refused to cooperate when the police wanted to handcuff her and put up a violent struggle, prompting officers to wrestle her to the ground in order to arrest her.

      Even after being restrained, Tan refused to follow the officers to their police vehicle. The officers had to carry her by her arms and legs to the vehicle while she screamed and hurled vulgarities at them.

      Tan also refused to enter the vehicle, and dared police officers to break her legs if they wanted to get her inside it. Officers resorted to lifting her by her arms and legs in order to place her in the vehicle. Tan then placed her left leg outside the passenger door of the car to prevent officers from closing it.

      When Sergeant Lim Sui Ling tried to move Tan’s leg into the vehicle, Tan kicked her on her left hand. Tan then tried to manoeuvre herself out of the vehicle and head-butted Sergeant Lim in the process.


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    • The little puppy is innocent. Hopefully she gets to keep it somehow. The fact that she resorted to an illegal attempt at smuggling it, shows she does care for it.



    • District police chief Abhishek Garg said the dead 15-year-old girl had sustained terrible internal injuries suggesting the attackers had used blunt objects violently inside her during the gang rape.

      Just hours after the grisly discovery, police in Panipat district on Saturday found the body of a 12-year-old girl in a pond. Panipat police chief Rahul Sharma told AFP that two men, both neighbours of the victim, had been arrested over the crime. Both had confessed to luring the girl to their house before raping and killing her, Mr Sharma said.

      Apparently, they were hoping to push the blame for their crime, onto the perpetrators of the earlier gang rape and murder, who are still at large. It is even possible they only decided to carry out their crime on their 12-year-old girl neighbour, after hearing news of the earlier gang rape and murder, thinking it would be a fantastic opportunity to carry out the rape and murder, and get away with it.


    • Papsmearer : Despite our supposed friendship with these Thais, and fellow Asean member and all that shit, these fuckers could not cater to our request to send this angmo shit bank robber back to Singapore to answer for his crime? Really, even 3rd world countries no respect for Gay Loong and PAP anymore?

      hofmann : The Thais played by the book and helped ensure his repatriation to Singapore by deporting him to a country we have extradited treaty with.

      shittypore : Uk will deport him back to Canada.

      congo9 : The Thai authority play by the book mah. We can't send the Roach back to you.But we can send to a country whereby you have a extradiction with. It's a win win situation. You get your man you wanted. I don't get to break my own law.

      borom : The Thais are not nasty-considering how the red dot very often stop Thai females (even 1st time visitor) from entering based on suspicion and without any evidence. In 1989 Thai PM Chatichai Choonhavan even threaten to send warships to singapore when we wanted to cane their overstayer (of more than 90 days)-so at least they take care of their own while the PAP will not hesitate to punish their own people very harshly.

      rambo22 : actualee the real leeson why Thai garment dun gave a fark to Sinkapore is becos our Yingluck zeh zeh is no longer the PM if she is still the Premier, sure she will leelease him cos she and our Sugar Lee beri kawan one oop I cannot say too loud or else our Whore Jinx sure jealous siol

      chonburifc : Was discussed few months ago in siam lor and legally concluded liao. follow international extradition laws, no extraditon treaty cannot extradite. sinkie press like to do selective reporting and also nothing to do with former PM. sinking land should go worry the extradition requests by indo government first. and more importantly, red bull grandson runroad to sinking land leh? this is probably one of the reason why sinking land got the middle finger from siam kias, both officially and unofficially.

      Papsmearer : PAP ask the Thais to return the cockRoach to singapore, but instead of give face to PAP, they told PAP to fuck off and send him to UK, even though he is Canadian. they could have shipped him here extradition treaty or not.

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      While LHL posted photos of himself and Najib, Najib deliberately only posted photos of himself and Halimah instead. Politics.


      Najib’s social media postings about his Singapore visit are in English, instead of his usual Malay. Politics.

      Facebook live video to commemorate the opening of Marina One (in Marina Bay) and DUO (in Bugis), developed by the cleverly-named M+S, a joint venture set up in 2011 between Malaysian strategic investment fund Khazanah Nasional and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings, who own 60% and 40% respectively, of the combined gross development value of both projects worth Sg$11 billion.

      As you can see from the photo below, both are Men of Shadows, for whom Sg$11 billion is no big deal.



    • While everyone knows of USA's FBI and CIA, few Singaporeans are aware of Singapore's own Intelligence Agencies.

      Sg's ISD machiam Israel's Shin Bet or USA's NSA+DHS+FBI, and Sg's SID machiam Israel's Mossad or USA's DIA+INR+CIA

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    • Here are a couple of SgForum threads on Sg intelligence agencies and espionage...




    • chonburifc posted :

      Pinky is a fucking arrogant asshole that is hated by everyone. The same goes for Kee Chiu who is another arrogant bastard with no skills in diplomacy. The only possibility this chow ang moh robber can be extradited is probably during old fart time where people still give him some little face. nobody give a hoot about pinky or sinking land. Not relevant anymore. Hate to imagine how kee chiu as PM will bring sinking land further down the drain. My guess is this arrogant prick is going to offend so many cuntries that sinking land will probably be better off to merge with mudlaysia.

    • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5270505/Indian-girl-15-dies-gang-rapists-rupture-lungs.html

      The horrific gang rape of a 15-year-old girl has shocked India after it was revealed she suffered a ruptured liver and lungs as her aggressors took turns raping and mutilating her.

      The lower-class Dalit child from the northern Indian state of Haryana went missing on Tuesday after she left home for school.

      She was found dead on Saturday with 19 serious injuries to her body - which police say indicate she was tortured.

      'At least four men are suspected to be behind the crime,' said district police chief Abhishek Garg.

      'A massive search is underway to arrest the perpetrators', he added.

      Her liver and lungs had been ruptured and an object had been jammed into her genitalia, doctors said.

      The school girl's half-naked body was found near a canal about 100 kilometres away from her home near the city of Kurukshetra.

      She was discovered wrapped in a torn shirt with wounds on her face, neck, lips and chest.


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      For several months last year, the residents of Blk 1C, [email protected] were plagued by an unusual problem : multiple pools of vomit in the common area and the car park.

      As many as three or four times a week, the serial vomiter or vomiters would hurl at random places, leaving residents reeling from the stench.

      Johnson Ng, 40, works in the gaming industry on rotational shifts. He told Yahoo News Singapore that he would often see piles of vomit in the common area and car park when he returned home from work at around 6am.

      “It took a few days before the cleaner cleaned it up. The smell was disgusting,” said Ng.



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    • [Australia] - Father of missing man hires a helicopter out of his own pocket to find his son after police says, "wait and see if he turns up". Turns out his son was stuck in his wrecked car with serious injuries and would have died if not for the private hire helicopter search.



    • Happening this weekend. 3rd highest ranked in China, versus a Singaporean.



      P.S. The winner will get challenged by Angela Lee next year, when she moves up the weight category after the upcoming Mei Yamaguchi fight.

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      A California couple have been arrested on charges of torture after authorities said their 13 malnourished children were held captive in their home, with some shackled to beds in the dark.

      Authorities said they were alerted after a 17-year-old girl managed to escape the house on Sunday and call police using a mobile phone she had found.

      She was so emaciated and malnourished that police officers said they initially thought she was just 10 years old.

      The 13 siblings discovered at the house in Perris ranged in age from two to 29, the Riverside County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

      Their parents - 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anna Turpin - were arrested on torture and child endangerment charges, with bail set at $9 million.


    • Gordon Ramsay is now in Singapore, makaning at one of his own restaurants at MBS :



    • [Singapore] - Woman walks her bird on a leash



    • [Singapore] - After getting ignored on Tinder, spurned man spams abuse on woman match, calling her “ugly fatass pig”



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