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    • Puppies stuck for hours in rock-solid tar.



      Like Animal Aid Unlimited India, and Howl Of A Dog Romania, here in Singapore, you can adopt abandoned and abused dogs and cats and rabbits from SPCA Singapore, instead of buying a new dog or cat or rabbit from the pet shop and its cruel pet breeding industry. Do the ethical thing.

    • Service without smiles at secretive North Korean restaurant in Bangkok



    • The Asshole Effect

      Mark Zuckerberg Sued Native Hawaiians For Their Own Land.


      How do you fight a legal battle against one of the richest billionaires on the planet who doesn't care about burning away hundreds of millions of dollars from his war chest?


    • Volkswagen, the world’s biggest carmaker, is under fire globally from politicians and environmentalists following revelations it carried out experiments in which monkeys and humans were forced to breathe in car fumes of various car models for hours at a time.



    • [Music] - 戴愛玲《戀曲1990》江蘇衛視 不凡的改變 第5期 HD



      YouTube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBYALHUQro_Svk1rFUrWmXg/videos

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    • [Music] - Collaboration between 戴愛玲 and 黃麗玲



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      "No, Daddy, please don't, don't do it!" Mary Jane Pearle testified hearing her daughter Faith beg over the phone.

      Pearle yelled into the phone for the children to run, then heard gunshots.

      "Merry fucking Christmas,” Pearle said Battaglia then told her, before more gunshots were fired.

      John David Battaglia received lethal injection for the May 2001 killings of his 9-year-old daughter, Faith, and her 6-year-old sister, Liberty. The murders occurred while Battaglia’s estranged wife was listening over the telephone.


    • "Still trying to find a new place to live please help... "



      Amos Yee posted on his Facebook :

      Super important message, I really need help:

      If you’ve been following my Youtube channel you would know I’ve been kicked out of the house I had in Illinois for expressing controversial opinion #85. I need a new place to stay as soon as possible so if anyone in America has a place to offer please contact me at [email protected] I am willing to pay $0-400 a month for that place (apparently I do make enough-ish on Youtube lol).


      Whoever who owns the house be absolutely fine with me voicing controversial opinion #85 (Based on American law, me voicing controversial opinion #85 will not get me arrested or cause any people living with me (even if they’re kids) to receive any harassment in any way shape or form) .

      You don’t kick me out of the place whenever I voice a political opinion you disagree with (I am a non-violent, pro-free speech, anti-religious, politically far-left Anarchist/libertarian socialist/anarcho-communist).

      Complete privacy - I can’t hear you at all, I can speak at talking volume 24/7, and I can occasionally do shouting noises during the day for some scenes in my videos. (Or if there is noise in that room there is another part of the house I can go to for quiet)

      Walking distance (0-5 min walk) from food stores. If you have a bike I can use, then 0-5 min biking distance. Basically, I should be able to eat out without a car (Because I don’t have a driver’s license yet) in 5-10 min (Unless there are people available willing to cook or buy takeaway for me every day)

      Blank, non-intrusive walls/backgrounds where I can film my videos in front of which has enough distance between me infront of the background and a spot where I can place a camera on a tripod filming me.

      Chairs, tables, Wifi, Fridge, plates + utensils for use, washing machine, dryer + other basic house utilities, etc.

      When you email me, please provide the place’s state, a general description of the place, how much rent you’re charging me to stay there, the address of the place (if comfortable at that point), the nearest airport to the house + your name and your contact no (if comfortable). I will reply to your email if interested and we’ll skype to confirm details.

      I am currently in Minnesota sleeping on a couch owned by modern-day hippies (Yeah it’s a depressing story how I got here, I don’t want to talk about it now). This couch does not fulfill most of the requirements I listed above and is obviously not an ideal place for me to stay long-term. I’ll pick the new place I want based on how much the airplane fare is to get there, if I’m comfortable with the host, the price of the place, how cool the state is (My favorites are California and New York), if the place meets the requirements above etc.

      I hope to find a new place as soon as possible so I can continue working on my Youtube videos in peace (And rest assured friends my Youtube channel will cover a wealth of different topics in the future (How horrible Singapore is, religion, SJWs, immigration etc.) and will not be completely devoted to controversial opinion #85). Once again if anyone can provide a place for me do contact me as soon as possible at [email protected] so we can skype and confirm details.

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      Amos Yee posted on his Facebook :

      I feel really sad.

      My girlfriend lives in Los Angeles, I want to move there to be with her but I can’t... No money. I now only make slightly above minimum wage (~2000 US dollars(3000 Singapore dollars)/month) from my YouTube videos. If I really tried I think I could afford something for $1000/month. The rent for a place in LA though is over $2000/month

      All my life with my mostly middle-class taste it felt like I could buy and get whatever I want. This is the 1st time in my life that I want something but I simply can’t get it because I don’t have enough money. Ironically I received an offer for an apartment for $400/month in more expensive New York, however I don’t have offers for a cheap place like that in Los Angeles, and without that...LA is just too expensive for me

      I’ll still maintain a long-distance relationship with my girlfriend, we still text and video call each other regularly (Yesterday on our phones, we talked dirty and moaned, masturbated and cummed in front of one another and showed each other our liquid. For a video call I was surprised how fucking hot it was). I just feel really sad I can’t live beside her and be able to be with her in person every day. I really want to be closer to her.

      Hi friends! If you enjoy my work (YouTube videos, Facebook posts, blog posts etc.) do consider supporting me with a donation (links are at the bottom of this post). Even the smallest donation of a few dollars really makes a huge difference. I spend 40-50h/week working on my YouTube videos, doing research on political topics and interacting with the online community, so I’d really appreciate the support from the hard work I’m putting in. As many of you might have heard, I’m trying to make enough money from my videos so I can improve my financial standing and be able to move to Los Angeles to be with my girlfriend.

      If you’d like to receive a benefit from donating to me, I’m offering access to a private group (The ‘Amos Yee fan club’) via discord with a donation of just $1/month or more to my Patreon. The group is wonderful and vibrant, discussing whatever topics that come to our minds. I check out the group regularly and respond to the people talking there so if anyone ever wanted to interact with me directly, here’s your chance. I will of course do my best to talk to everyone who was nice enough to donate to me :)

      If you’d like to donate money to me via a one-off payment directly, I have a Singapore bank account where you can do so. Unfortunately, my PayPal account has been suspended permanently because PayPal is notorious for censoring people with controversial political opinions, which they did to me. The suspension has been a huge blow to my income flow the past month and I haven’t been able to get an alternative to PayPal because I haven’t received my US social security number yet (which I’ll have to wait a few more weeks before the immigration office grants it). Until then, people who prefer sending me direct donations please send it via my Singapore bank account. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience

      I’d like to stress once again: making videos, doing research on political subjects and interacting with the online community is my full-time job that I spend a huge amount of time and effort doing, and I’m upset when people think I’m ‘lazy’ and don’t consider the work I’m doing a ‘real job’. I feel my perspective on politics and people is very important, which is why I’m devoting my life to sharing it. I hope my hard work pays off and I hope to prosper by doing what I love and feel passionate about. You play a huge role in helping me make that happen

      To donate:

      Patreon (monthly donation): https://www.patreon.com/amosyee

      Singapore bank account (direct donation): 124-91889-8 POSB savings account (Swift Code POSBSGSG)

      Read the thousands of Facebook visitor comments to his posts :


    • Stephanie Choi is half-Korean and half-Japanese, and grew up in America, Korea and Japan (impressively trilingually fluent ; rarity to find someone fluent in both Korean and Japanese, comes in really useful... plus she's currently learning Bahasa Indonesia), and she spent a lot of time travelling in Asia in recent years, including Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines, etc.



      Her other videos (including ones she took in Singapore) :


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    • Grandpa has the balls to do what he wants, regardless of family disapproval. Good for him!



    • Johor Immigration tells Singaporeans to behave





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    • It can't possibly be a setup, could it? /sarcasm

      The Reuters journalists, who had been investigating actions of the Myanmar military against the Rohingyas, had been invited to dinner in a restaurant by a couple of police officers, who handed them some sealed documents that they said may be of interest to the journalists. Before the journalists even had a chance to read the documents, a group of policemen waiting outside the restaurant immediately arrested the journalists. The journalists are now imprisoned 14 years for betraying the Myanmar Official Secrets Act by having possession of secret Myanmar military documents.


    • Dr Strange goes to Korea



    • Well, that escalated quickly.



    • "Sweet and sour chicken, Hong Kong style..."



      Calito Bautista : She had to order Chinese food for us to hear her Chinese accent?!?


      Technically, it's misleading and really no big deal, since he could already speak Mandarin before the coma. It's like, News Headlines : Man wakes up from coma eating Mcdonalds breakfast meal.



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    • 2 polyglots challenge each other in 21 languages. Only 1 of them can speak Mandarin though, the other guy is just smoking his way through... *cough cough*



      A couple of visitors' comments :

      Ian : Meh!!! If you notice it's not full conversation apart from initial greeting phrases and some catchy phrases on most of their languages. If these languages will consider them as polyglots, then I speak about 25 languages. But I will only consider 7 languages that I speak fluently.

      david jurado : These guys strike me as showoffs. I speak German, English and Spanish and I'm planning to learn Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and then French. As a Spanish, German and English speaker Italian, Portuguese and Dutch are very easy to learn. And French is also not too complicated either. But I want to speak those languages fluently. I'm really not interested at just being able to say a few things in a multitude of languages, because basically that only serves one purpose: Showing off. And that's what these guys are doing. It's just done to impress. They have no real interested in most of those languages because they haven't spend the time to properly learn them. You don't start learning a language without first mastering the one you are currently learning, unless of course that's your work at that and you can actually spend the time to learn 2 or 3 languages at the same time.

      OvieMughelli : david jurado True, their Chinese and Korean was pretty bad for 'polyglots'. That was a weird mix of awkwardness and being cocky. Knowing a few sentences and being fluent in a language is WAY different.

      malaks gianis : yeah in many languages they spoke for minutes and in some others like Greek he said only a "i dont know" and "ok", wtf this doesnt prove you know a language. Also his pronounciation was bad.

      Aileen xo : You guys are NOT polyglots for memorizing certain sentences in different languages. Stop looking for attention & views by false advertisement. You guys are not polyglots. Stop acting like you are.

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    • The Rohingya Suffer Real Horrors. So Why Are Many of Their Stories Fake?

      (Read the full article to find out why, the author Hannah Beech uncovers the reasons in her case studies.)

      His troubles, he said, began when he was briefly back in Myanmar and saw a 12-year-old girl with fair skin and delicate features.

      “She was so beautiful,” Mr. Hossain said. “I needed to marry her.”

      Child marriage is distressingly common among the Rohingya, and soon, Mr. Hossain began shuttling among his three wives (2 from Bangladesh, 1 child-wife from Myanmar). Not every wife knew about the other, but Mr. Hossain didn’t think three wives were too many. His own father, he said, had six wives and 42 children.

      Yet Mr. Hossain admitted that he was not adept at balancing family relations. When his four daughters sought shelter in Bangladesh after their village had been burned, Sajida, the wife with whom he has been living in the Leda refugee camp, was furious.

      “My husband is a bad man,” she announced, after she finally admitted the girls’ true provenance. “I am tired of all his lies.”

      Later, when I reached Mr. Hossain by phone, he was seething.

      “I beat her when you left,” he said. “I will beat her again tomorrow.”

      Mr. Hossain’s sister-in-law had also explained part of the family’s complicated truth. A neighbor later relayed that her candor had earned her a beating from her husband.

      Rather than highlight the plight of unaccompanied minors, my reporting had catalyzed domestic violence in two households. I regretted the days of questioning Ms. Sajida, who goes by one name.

      I had found her unsympathetic when she said she wished those girls would disappear back to Myanmar. But that night her husband would beat her. As I stood and judged her for not embracing these four girls from her husband’s youngest wife, a cockroach skittered across the floor. A rat followed.

      Ms. Sajida began crying.

      All around, through the bamboo slats that make up the walls of a Rohingya shelter, children’s eyes followed my movements, wondering what I was doing there and why I had made a grown woman weep.


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    • image


    • Chinese people kena pulled into the Left vs Right politics of America. The video does make some valid points though, such as the underlying sociology issues as represented by how in France, the African migrants commit hate crime and routinely physically assault the Chinese migrants out of jealousy and spite, angry at how the Chinese migrant community fares better (economically and financially) compared to their own African migrant community.

      On a related note, today's Straits Times carried a report about how, again in France (no coincidence, because France and Germany accepted large numbers of migrants), how hundreds of people were involved in the latest round of bloody rioting and violent gang fights between African (specifically Eritrean, one of dozens of African countries) migrants versus Afghan migrants. France and Germany are beginning to regret accepting tens of thousands of migrants.



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      John posted : At this point the culture is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If this movie came out 10 years ago, no one would cane. Not left, not right - no one. People would just go see it and either like it or hate it, just like any other movie. Now, a black comic book movie is a "symbol" of something "new and diverse" like the Blade trilogy never existed. Like when Fury Road came out and the media acted like a strong female protagonist has never existed in film before. It's stupid. A typical movie comes out, one side praises race, gender, or sexuality of characters, the other side gets upset because really, who cares about the crap the other side is praising? Then the other side fires back with how everyone is bigoted. Rinse, wash, repeat. We're all being played by a cacophony of BS.


    • A classic from 2015. How would you feel towards an animal who saved you from another animal?



    • The entire romantic video, ruined by a stupid idiot doing jumping jacks! #wtf #inappropriate



    • [Singapore] - Adult Singaporean woman almost drowned in millions of blue ping pong balls at City Square Mall, thought she was going to die and panicked. You would panic too.



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