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    • A documentary on the prostitution industry in Thailand


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    • [India] - 8 year old girl (primary 1 student) abducted and repeatedly gang raped for a week before being murdered by her rapists



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    • Indonesia steamrolls bootleg booze as death toll nears 100



      [Medicine / Chemistry / Biology] - Why is methanol toxic? (eg. even if you don't die, you will become permanently blind in both eyes, after consuming alcoholic drinks adulterated with cheap toxic methanol, sold by profit-seeking criminal syndicates trying to circumvent the heavy tax on drinkable ethanol imposed by governments)



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    • Doctor's orders.

      A young woman died after her German doctor lover sprinkled cocaine on his penis before he instructed her to gave him oral sex.


    • Taiwanese girl goes to Thailand for massage. The Thai male masseuse assumes she wants a happy ending, and proceeds to work on her. The Taiwanese girl reports him to the police for sexual assault. Moral of the story : customers shouldn't assume the service provider knows what they want, and the service providers shouldn't assume what the customers want.



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      Sherlock Holmes (both of them) are right now here in Singapore.


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    • A woman who died after being set on fire by her boyfriend will testify at his murder trial from beyond the grave.



    • A man killed his wife and his daughter, yet only 1 woman died. How is this possible?

      Answer : https://www.yahoo.com/news/911-man-kills-daughter-wife-breakup-161210771.html

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    • Case study of a 40 year old Singaporean male virgin : Teo En Ming


      En Ming sincerely believes that the government is ruining his life. With every lull in our conversation, he takes the opportunity to launch into another recount of government surveillance. Even vehicles leaving the carpark the moment he exits his HDB lift is not beyond suspicion.

      When he talks about being targeted, he refers to two specific things. The first is being made to hear voices in his head. The “main thrust of the message” he tends to hear is simply, “We are here to punish you because you offended Lee Kuan Yew!”

      The second is being stalked by teenagers, people that he describes as being the ‘ah beng and ah lian type’.

      All of this has happened with less frequency since 2011. Of late, his preoccupation has been with how his Android phones tend to switch on by themselves.

      “Obviously the Singapore Government planted spy apps on my Android phones. Otherwise it would not keep on powering up by itself,” he tells me.

      “And I think the motive is to provoke me into getting angry. What I don’t understand is, since the Government can read my mind and thoughts by remote neural monitoring, does it really need to hack into my smartphones, laptops and computers to plant spy apps? Is it because, if the government dont do these tangible activities, i will not be afraid and frightened?”

      En Ming has never had the opportunity to insert his penis into a woman’s vagina, only to eventually discover that this delicious honeypot is not the answer to all of life’s eternal questions.

      For all his idiosyncrasies, En Ming’s experience is symptomatic of a larger group of older, single men who have never known romance. The solution to their struggles lies not in making available a moist and willing orifice, but in... ...


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      nayr69sg (a Singaporean medical doctor practicing medicine in Canada) commented :

      If spinal injury the fellas who carried her to the side = FAIL! Worsen the spinal cord injury. Can sue those guys. If people injured on road and you not trained to evacuate dont touch them. Just block off the space direct traffic and let EMT come do their job. Cause more harm than good.

    • Supernatural-like mysterious “half human, half animal” creature terrorizes town



    • Poor Julie Chen, abused by sadistic Gordon Ramsey.



    • “Psycho neighbour” allegedly tails and attacks young couple at Hougang



    • Ah Long Follows and Threatens Family of Single Mom who Owes S$200,000 Debt



    • Does the Sg Govt really want to risk assassination incidents involving either the CIA and/or North Korean spies here on Sg soil?



    • https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-02-16/russia-attacked-u-s-troops-in-syria

      Don't Be Fooled: Russia Attacked U.S. Troops in Syria
      Mattis gave Putin "plausible deniability" for a military assault that went badly awry.
      Eli Lake
      February 16, 2018, 6:00 PM GMT+8
      Assad's saviors.

      Photographer: Vasily Maximov/AFP/Getty Images
      If you've been listening just to the Kremlin and the Pentagon, you probably didn't know that Russia attacked American forces and their allies in Syria last week, suffering heavy casualties.

      Yes, all sides admit that there was an incident at a U.S. base in Deir Ezzor. And that elements of the Syrian regime and Shiite militias participated in the assault. The Pentagon and Kremlin both acknowledge that Russian "mercenaries" participated, too. But the line for now is that those contractors had gone rogue, and Moscow didn't know anything about it.

      When reporters asked U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis about the incident, he called the whole thing perplexing. "I have no idea why they would attack there, the forces were known to be there, obviously the Russians knew," he said. "We have always known that there are elements in this very complex battle space that the Russians did not have, I would call it, control of."

      Now, it should be said that Mattis, a retired four-star Marine Corps general, is a very smart man. His perplexity in this case is probably what Plato called a "noble lie," a falsehood spoken by a leader to achieve a greater social good. If Mattis acknowledges the obvious -- that the Kremlin authorized a direct assault on a U.S.-sponsored base by non-uniformed personnel -- he risks an escalation spiral in Syria. Better to express bewilderment and give Russian President Vladimir Putin a chance to back down and deny culpability, which he ended up doing despite the heavy casualties suffered by his mercenaries.

      But make no mistake: There is overwhelming evidence that those Russian contractors were working at the behest of the Kremlin. What's more, the Russians knew U.S. military personnel were in Deir Ezzor, which has been part of successive agreements to separate, or "deconflict," forces fighting in Syria.

      Let's start with the fine reporting of my colleagues at Bloomberg News who discovered that the wounded mercenaries were flown out of Syria and treated at military hospitals in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

      U.S. officials who monitor Syria tell me that there is no doubt that the Russian military knew all about the attack in Deir Ezzor. Evelyn Farkas, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia during the Obama administration, told me Thursday: "Any Russian mercenaries, whether they are in Ukraine or Syria, work for the Russian government."

      This is not an accident, particularly for the contractor in question, Wagner. One of its leaders, Dmitry Utkin, is a former lieutenant colonel in Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU. He and the firm have been closely tied to the oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as "Putin's chef" because he owns the Kremlin's food-service providers.

      Contractors like Wagner are a key part of Russia's broader strategy of "hybrid warfare," a mix of kinetic and information aggression to advance Russian interests -- such as the deployment of fighters without uniforms that helped take Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

      "They help Russia obfuscate Russia's role in Syria," Matti Suomenaro, a researcher for the Institute for the Study of War told me this week. "In eastern Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defense can say, 'We don't know they were doing this.' But it's very likely this had some kind of direction from higher-ups in the Kremlin."

      Finally, there is the strategic argument for why Russia would participate in the attack at Deir Ezzor. U.S. policy at the moment is a bit confusing. When Mattis and other U.S. officials publicly discuss the U.S. mission in Syria, they say only that it is to fight the Islamic State. So far, there is no official policy on whether the U.S. military's role includes countering Russian-Iranian efforts to help the Bashar al-Assad regime retake territory it lost in the civil war.

      Add to this the mixed messages sent by the U.S. last month when it failed to stop Turkey from bombing the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin. While the U.S. has attempted to end the Turkish assault through diplomacy, it has not offered to protect Kurdish fighters aligned with the People's Protection Group, or YPG, who remain in the city. The YPG are key U.S. partners in the campaign against the Islamic State. Indeed, Kurdish fighters stationed in Deir Ezzor in recent weeks have traveled to Afrin for the fighting, making the enclave a more attractive target for the Russo-Iranian alliance in Syria.

      For a cynic like Putin, whose air force has bombed other enclaves of U.S.-supported rebels in Syria, the inability of the U.S. to stop a NATO ally, Turkey, from attacking another ally in Afrin is a sign of weakness. The assault last week on Deir Ezzor with mercenaries was a chance to again probe for a U.S. response.

      The good news is that the U.S. response was swift and brutal. While there are no hard figures on casualties, some Russian press outlets reported that more than 200 Russian mercenaries were killed.

      This brings us back to Mattis, and why he declined to directly blame Russia for the incident. "My guess is he said he was perplexed because he was sending a signal to the Russians: 'I am willing to give you a little time to cut this out, but don't do it again,'" Farkas told me. "And the Russians know they are playing with fire, if you look at how they are responding."

      There is a downside, though, to this kind of noble lying. Considering that mercenaries like Wagner are a key part of Russia's broader strategy and tactics, it's also important for the U.S. to deny Moscow its plausible deniability. Russia needs to be told, going forward, that an attack by its mercenaries will be treated as an attack by its armed forces.

    • China observes that Russia and Japan are edging towards a military confrontation, in part due to territorial disputes between them, and in part due to Japan being USA's ally, and recently increasing Russian dissatisfaction against USA over anti-Russian sanctions and Syria incident.


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      [China] - At the time of the report, the cockroach farm had generated a total of 4.3 billion yuan (US$684 million) in revenue over the years by manufacturing a potion made entirely of cockroaches.

      When they reach the desired weight and size, the cockroaches are fed into machines and crushed to make the potion, which had “remarkable effects” on stomach pain and other ailments, said the provincial government.

      The cockroach potion has a tea-like colour, tastes “slightly sweet” and has “a fishy smell”, according to the product’s packaging.

      More than 40 million patients with respiratory, gastric and other diseases were cured after taking the potion on doctors’ prescriptions, according to the official report, which stated that the farm was selling it to more than 4,000 hospitals across the country.

      Cockroach has been an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In some rural areas in southern China, babies are still fed crushed cockroaches to treat fever caused by an infection or upset stomach.

      There is a potentially major disadvantage to the potion, according to the CAMS researcher, who requested not to be named. “The source of raw material, to most people, is disgusting,” she said. “That is an important reason why the use of the potion is not found in other countries.

      “Even in China, most patients might not know the liquid came from grinding up cockroaches.”

      The potion is not for sale over the counter, but the Post has bought it in a drug store in Beijing without being asked for a doctor’s prescription.


      A pack containing two bottles of 100ml cost a bit more than 50 yuan (US$8).

      On the packaging and in the user instructions, only one ingredient was listed: Periplaneta americana, the Latin name of the American cockroach, one of the largest cockroach species.

      The internet has played host to lively discussions about the medicine, known as kangfuxin ye, or “potion of recovery”.

      “I searched for Periplaneta americana when drinking the potion. I saw the photo and immediately vomited it all out onto my PC screen,” wrote one Chinese user on Baidu Tieba, the large Chinese online community run by search engine company Baidu.

    • [Movie] - In the Company of Men (1997)





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