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    • On the surface, the movie "Get Out" is about racism experienced by a black man in present day USA. But the movie is in fact, a psychological thriller with a plot twist. Check it out.


      Most epic visitor comment, posted by Haben Habtemariam :

      "Just broke up with my white girlfriend, i an't taking no chances (ie. not gonna watch this movie)."

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    • 使徒行者 song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMR7w0BRXzM

      雷霆扫毒 song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PqthVZFvb6o

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    • This "Asian" man managed to kill 4 people and injure over 20 people, without any guns or bombs. He simply accelerated his vehicle into pedestrians, before alighting with 2 knives to carry out his stabbings. This shows that anyone determined enough could carry out a terrorist attack anywhere, no matter the level of security (this took place just outside the Houses of Parliament).


    • Most epic comment : Greedy Imp FREE @ Google Play6 commented :

      "These guys are really good; they should become actors or something."

      Star Trek Beyond : Dubsmash ++ :


    • image

      "As soon as they saw me, they came bounding over..."

      4 second version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PlN4QNz7E4

      10 minute version : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHAuyhiIUsQ

    • DCs POWERLESS Season 1 TRAILER (2017) nbc Series


    • Angela Lee thinks she can take on any UFC female fighter and win, but UFC fans think otherwise.


      If you ask Lee, the 115-pound champion of Asia’s largest promotion, the Singapore-based ONE Championship, how she’d fare against some of the best fighters in the world’s most visible strawweight division, the UFC, she won’t quite come out and say what’s on her mind. But you also don’t have to read too deep between the lines in order to understand what she’s thinking.

      “I keep up with all the fighters,” Lee told Yahoo Sports. “Every league, every promotion, you want to see what the best competitors are capable of doing and measure yourself against them. And, I mean, they’re great, but … (Lee pauses and laughs) … yeah … (laughs again).”

      Since she doesn’t want to come right out and say it, we’ll say it for her: It’s entirely possible the next big thing in women’s MMA is this mild-mannered, thoughtful competitor who is currently tearing things up on the other side of the world, outside of the view of most U.S. fans.

      “If this was a perfect world and there were no considerations for which fighter is under contract to which promotion, and anyone could fight anyone, then yeah, I’d love to test myself against all of them,” said Lee, who is 7-0 with six submissions. “Of course, I respect people like [UFC strawweight champion] Joanna [Jedrzejczyk], but I came into this sport to be the best.”


      LBJ commented : "Seeing the video she is very talented, but the best in the UFC are easily 1 - 2 steps up from Mei Yamaguschi who is smart and tough, but not dangerous. Angela can get better from here, but for now if she were to try the best in the UFC it would likely not end well for her, for now. She has an athlete's confidence and she has earned that confidence, and the right to market herself, but she has never fought someone like Rose Namajunas who has a similar style and skills, but is more experienced and has a level of creativity that Angela has never confronted. Not to mention the power of Joanna and Claudia."

      elmaestro commented : "By all accounts (Angela Lee is) a nice young lady from a wonderful Martial Arts family and a ton of heart- but definitely not ready for prime time. She would be a sacrificial lamb just being fed to slaughter if they paired her up against JJ or several of the top UFC women. Maybe in a few years, with more fights under her belt, more Octagon experience, but her family would be doing her a service to hold back a while. Yes it is a promoter's marketing dream to have a lovely, telegenic undefeated fighter come in and face JJ- but that dream would most likely turn into a quick nightmare as I fear she would get KO'd or at the very least pummeled for 5 rounds because her heart was too big for her own good. Stay with OneFC for a few more years, rack up the needed experience and then (she will still be in her early 20's) give the UFC a call. No need to rush."

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    • Moral of the story : don't nag your hubby too much and step on his male-ego and self-respect, or he'll snap and kill you.



    • Sicko motorist in China hangs live rabbit behind SUV while driving



    • It must be nice to be rich.

      Woman in China rents 900 taxis just to propose to her boyfriend.



    • image


    • [Singapore] - Car hits woman pedestrian who had right of way. At least the car driver stopped after hitting the woman, instead of hit-and-run. Thanks to this video clip evidence (all cars should have video cameras), hopefully the driver adequately compensates the woman's medical bills.


    • [Singapore] - Family of scammers.



    • Arnold Schwarzenegger mocks Donald Trump


    • [USA] - CEO received pay of approximately US$100,000,000.00 (Sg$140,000,000.00) last year


    • Lol! #Freudian slip


      "And I appreciate my fans, also," Anas says in the clip below. "My wife and my girlfriend... yeah, I mean my wife. Yeah, sorry to say... I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, my wife..."


    • Lester Kok https://www.facebook.com/lester.kok.7 commented :

      Desperate time calls for desperate measure; protracted jailhouse misery will do it to you. Misery does indeed yearn for company: for Amos Yee to now hitch on to the rickety, decrepit, wheels-fallen-off bandwagon of Ms. Han Hui Hui, betrays the grasping of straws of a malcontent sinking slowly but painfully in foreign quick sand. Evidently his earlier U.S. pompom asylum team has already ditched him impelling his now last-ditch summon for cavalry backup from home. It is a Hobson's choice for Amos, however pathetic the hookup may be -- Ms Han the wannabe Joan of Arc of Singapore and Amos the wannabe Milo Yiannopoulos of U.S.A. What a formidable pair!

      Here's a timely re-post of a March 2 article entitled the Trinity of Fallacies that examines the root of his problems.

      The Mother/Son/Holy-Spirit Trinity of Fallacies: an anatomy of the Amos Yee asylum debacle.

      Amos Yee himself alone is far from being responsible for his current asylum quagmire. Two other principals from central casting are equally if not more responsible, i.e., his mother Mary Toh and his U.S. mentor-facilitator, fellow compatriot Melissa Chen. As March 7 approaches -- the day of the anticipated court ruling on his asylum bid -- I’m predicting a total defeat of his application; the reasons for it were given in my first post on Melissa Chen’s Facebook in early Jan. https://lester978.wordpress.com/.../on-amos-yees-asylum... And in a recent post in late Feb. I coin the term ‘amosization’ in due recognition of the mind-boggling screwup by Amos and company from the get-go in his asylum quest. (https://lester978.wordpress.com/.../the-coinage-of...) Here now is a further look at the trinity of fallacies consisted in each of these 3 individuals, fallacies predicated on a farrago of confusion, denial, outright contradiction and not least egotism cum arrogance that have all conspired to bring about Amos’ imminent state of implosion.

      The Mother: as the mother (and adult in the family) Mary Toh should bear the lion’s share of responsibility for her son’s current plight. Her abject failure early on to recognize the difference between critical discourse and religious blasphemy committed by her son will haunt her forever. She has publicly remonstrated that her son should never be imprisoned for criticizing religion. But clearly, she knew it a fallacy to treat her son’s mischief as worthy religious critique. I was perturbed even as a non-Muslim by his outrageous shenanigans in profaning the Quran on Youtube. The outrage generated by his simulated act of ravishing and boffing the Quran culminating in orgasmic gasps, evokes memory of a public controversy happened back in 1987 in the U.S.; it involved the art exhibition of American artist-photographer Andres Serrano featuring his blasphemous artistic masterpiece called Piss Christ. Piss Christ was a photographic display of a crucifix dipped in a jar of the artist’s own urine. While even such sacrilegious expression is protected under the Constitution of free speech in America, Mary Toh the mother knows full well there is none such in Singapore but to the contrary are in effect so-called ‘harmony laws’. Her willful turning a blind eye to her teenage son’s prior misconduct has now redounded to his current woes big time.

      The Son: enough cannot be said of the egotism, narcissism and hubris of Amos Yee; they have indeed become his own worst nemeses. His mother in late Feb. revealed that Amos has been in solitary confinement in the McHenry County Jail for 2 weeks now for ‘criticizing’ Islam, according to her account on Facebook. http://mothership.sg/.../amos-yees-mother-confirms-amos... Apparently, even the jailhouse authority in the States is now finding Amos’ arrogance and impudence insufferable that warranted sanction against it -- his current penalty issued from his participation in an inmate group study of the Quran conducted by an imam, during which Amos’ arrogance got the better of him that led him launch into a torrent of Fuck-bombs. http://www.theindependent.sg/amos-yee-allegedly-in... Interestingly, in a Dec.12 interview with New Lens 4 days prior to his absconding to America, this was what Amos reportedly said: ‘“I could even go as far as to say that my kind of video that humps the Quran, and was overly rude to religious people. I’d probably want my videos and maybe even my account to be taken down too,” he says. “It is just not a good way to communicate information to people.”’ End quote.


      And now just 2 months on, he has reverted to Amos redux -- the vintage expletive-laden Amos coupled with a complex fallacy of superiority. Indeed, somewhere earlier I wrote: ‘His problem is he is not so much unreformed as unreformable at this juncture of his life’; granted, he is but still a teenager. In fact, in a recent response to Melissa Chen’s desperate attempt at shielding Amos from possible comparison with other Internet trolls like the recently disgraced and cashiered Milo Yiannopoulous, I did argue that Amos is at bottom a Milo wannabe. https://lester978.wordpress.com/.../is-amo-yee-a-milos... So Singapore being Singapore, will brook no such acting up in the guise of so-called freedom of expression by any disruptive character at the expense of communal harmony at home. Amos’ seeming denial of such ground realities and his knowingly throwing caution to the wind, bespeaks his streak of ornery recalcitrance, as we now witness this tape of his being rerun again in America.

      The Holy Spirit Melissa Chen : https://www.facebook.com/melcsquared : from early on, the ubiquitous presence and influence of Melissa’s aura on the young man cannot be understated. She has nostalgically recounted her personal visitation to the kid’s residence as he became a cause célèbre. Melissa herself is quite a remarkably protean social activist in the States. A brief scan of her Facebook page affords a whiff of what she does so well on the Internet -- the stuff of a fellow citizen activist that her teen protégé would doubtless cherish and aspire to that which he couldn’t pull off at home. Melissa would no doubt deny her major complicity in Amos’ asylum maneuver. But her mea culpa in spurring him on to seek asylum abroad is writ large in her answer to my first post of Jan. 3rd on her site: “If I didn't feel a sense of responsibility toward this case and toward Amos himself, I wouldn't be spending time/effort on it right now. So if things don't work out I will absolutely shoulder the blame.” End quote. But for all her activist savvy, it has now become increasingly clear, what egregious absence of due diligence, how abysmally ill-prepared was the Amos party in their asylum bid. It is however Melissa’s fallacy of overrating the justness of Amos’ so-called free speech cause and having wrongheadedly equated his condign prosecution with invidious persecution at home that she eventually became wise up to. Sometime last month past mid January, Melissa got cold feet in her mentee’s asylum cause and appeared to be abandoning ship after realizing how poorly the public response was to the two pro-Amos campaigns she helped initiated in early January. To date Amos’ crowdfunding has gleaned only about $4K in donation (a mere fifth of what he had managed in 2015 at home at the time of his first offense) and just only 400 names have bothered to sign on to the call for his release from DHS detention. And a final note of contradiction need be mentioned about Melissa’s conviction as a self-styled free speech ‘absolutist’: while on the one hand Melissa deems the Singapore authority regulating speech (as in Amos’ case) as undemocratic, on the other hand she wholeheartedly approved of and would do so with abandon to preclude ‘alt-right’ wingnut like Richard Spencer from speaking in meeting as was the case in a recent conference she partook in in late Feb.; I can only conclude that the libertarian clamor against speech regulation of any form is merely cant.

      Finally, I would be remiss here if I left out mentioning one other not so incidental character from central casting who I believe did have a significant role in bringing on Amos’ current sorry state of affairs. The dysfunctional relationship with his uncommunicative and unrelatable father will perhaps someday be the stuff of psychoanalysis for Amos in behavior management therapy.

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    • Melissa Chen made a sarcastic Facebook post in response to this article :

      So you mean to say that children indoctrinated to adopt an epistemological framework that is based on divine scriptures do poorly in the area of the only known highly-rigorous process to ever advance our knowledge and understanding of the natural world?

      You mean to say that children who are doxastically closed (fancy Boghossian term for being immune to data) actually don't have the interest or aptitude for scientific inquiry?

      You mean to say that children brought up in a mind-stifling environment where questions are not only discouraged but also prohibited do not possess the curiosity to learn, and the requisite capacity for creativity and innovation that help a student achieve success in tackling science and math problems?

      Wow, color me surprised.

    • Actually, Melissa Chen is dealing with a lot more than Amos Yee, and in fact, matters that are a lot more interesting than Amos Yee (could ever be).

      With a quick look at her recent Facebook entries, 2 people immediately stand out : Faisal Saeed Al Mutar, and Mohd Rashid. The former made a sad, resigned post about "feeling weak" (the post is reproduced on Melissa's Facebook), while the latter made a comment (on Melissa's Facebook under Faisal's reproduced post) that reveals his strong feelings on the matter.

    • You almost feel sorry for Jacopo de Pazzi...


      Btw, good acting hor? These are all professional real-life actors, filmed with motion capture, before digitization into the game's cutscene / cinematic.

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    • [Vietnam] - 8 year old girl raped by neighbor


    • What has Literature got to do with the Alt-Right? Read on to find out.

      White Pride and Prejudice : https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/22/opinion/jane-austen-and-white-pride-and-prejudice.html

    • A Short History of Sexual Slavery


    • Sure you've heard of Social Justice Warriors versus the Alt-Right, Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos, but have you heard of the Gamergate controversy?


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