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Can international student entrance to JC2 by olevel or DSA?

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    • Hi Sylvia159,


      I have read your posts and understand that you will like to gain entrance to study at year 2 in a junior college.


      It is a common practice that MOE does not allow foreign students to join at P6, Sec 4 and JC2. There is no exam or test that you can take to convince MOE to allow you to join JC 2 directly.



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    • You will have to take the GCE "A" level exam as a private candidate.


      MOE does not have any restriction on how private candidates prepare for their exam ie private candidates can study on their own, take private tuition or enrol in a private school that attend its 7-8 months "A" level classes.

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    • Please take note that the "A" level results of many private schools students are not good ie very few of them will be able to make it into local govt universities.



    • There is a private school that produces a respectable "A" level result consistently yearly but I cannot post the name of the school here as it will be considered as advertisement.


      In 2016 "A" level result, 10% got at least 3As and 30% got at least 3Bs in H2 subjects in this school.


      You will need to search for this school through the MOE CPE website https://www.cpe.gov.sg/

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    • I know now..... 

      MOE won't accept any people go JC 2 directly....  (JC 1 won't accept people who over 18 years old.) 

      Maybe I can go international school?? Like : AC international, Hwa Chong international.... And so on... 

      I think I should go year 5 (grade 11,jc1) in international school, I want to take IB course. 

      But IDK if year 5 (grade 11, jc 1) in international school will accept people who 19 years old???? 

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