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Explain That! - Examiner Style Phrasings To Explanation Qns

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    • Been a moderator here for a number of years (since mid 2007 when I was in Germany),  and have helped countless students with their questions in maths, physics as well as education related questions.

      The name "ExamWorld" also started off here, with examworld.blogspot.sg as the initial blog which help students, and now, ExamWorld as an independent publisher of books for students.

      SgForums Homework Forum holds dear to me. Because of that, I'm offering a discount to buyers of my books on this forum. 15% discount for the first 15 buyers of each title. More details below...

      Introducing the books:

      Books For GCE 'O' LEVEL

      Explain That! GCE ‘O’ Level Physics, 2nd Ed. (ISBN 978-981-47-6192-5)
      Explain That! GCE ‘O’ Level Chemistry (ISBN 978-981-47-6193-2)
      Explain That! GCE ‘O’ Level Science (Physics/Chemistry) (ISBN 978-981-47-6194-9)


      What the books are about

      Explain That! is a series of comprehensive guides designed to help students master the skill of answering qualitative questions. Each title comprises a well-curated selection of questions which covers a variety of key ideas and concepts. These books train students to construct their explanations using examiner-style phrasing, giving them greater confidence before and during the examinations. 

      What inspired the books

      When I took on a relief tutoring class in a major tuition centre branch back in year 2008, I realised a common problem among many Physics students... that is they might be able to understand the concepts and the ideas behind a question, but they are unable to translate that understanding into proper phrasings and answers that examiners can easily give marks for.

      The problem was also seen when I am now running my own tuition centre. Over the years, I have students coming to me who were already excellent in Physics (they qualified for the second round of the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad), yet don't really do well for the paper 2 segment of O level Physics.

      And I have nailed down the problem being unable to properly phrase answers to explanation questions. 

      One problem stems from training in Pri schools, where students were taught to answer by using "key words". That doesn't work for O Level... Key phrases are what are important, not key words. Yet many students are still stuck at "key words".

      And this is where my book comes in. It started off as a mini NOT-for-sale compilation that I gave exclusively to my own students. The questions were chosen and modified from over 50 prelim papers initially. It was really useful to them, and helped turned some of these students from failing to an eventual A1 or A2. None of them ever scored below a B3.

      So I decided last year to publish the first edition, to see how the demand was like. To see how the feedback was like. Pleasantly surprised that the books were snapped up very fast in Popular bookstores islandwide and always out-of-stock.

      So this year, I have published the second edition with even more relevant questions from another 50+ papers. It has more questions, colour, better printed, and clearer... and selling for the same price as the first edition.
      In addition, I have also approach my chem tutor for help with the O level edition of Pure Chemistry, and Combined Science (Phy/Chem)

      Now... For SgForums members, I have negotiated with the stakeholders for a 15% pre-launch discount off our selling price at Popular, for the first 15 copies of each title only. This is my mini contribution to SgForums. 

      The selling price for Popular is
      Pure Phy: $8.90
      Pure Chem: $8.90
      Sci Phy/Chem: $12.90

      Only for the first 15 copies of each title:
      Pure Phy: $7.50
      Pure Chem: $7.50
      Sci Phy/Chem: $11.00

      All you need to do, is to send me a PM for more details. 
      Both self-collection at my centre in Hougang (beside Hougang MRT) and snail mail are available.

      Discount ends after 15 copies or by the date of 2nd June 2017, whichever comes first. 
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    • Here is a sample pdf for the Physics book I have asked for public download.


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