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Engineering Mathematics Question

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    • Hi

      This is a question that appeared in my mid-semester test and I would like someone to explain it to me. Thanks in advance.

      Given that the matrices A, B and X are m x m order and (I_m) is the identity matrix.

      Solve for matrix X, the equation:

      AX - BA = (I_m)

      Edit: Matrix A, B and X are of m x m order

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    • Hello

      It has been some time since I did engineering maths, I am quite rusty.

      • Can I know if there are any values for Matrices A and B?
      • Is this question asked in a general scenario?
      • What level (Nitec/Higher Nitec/Diploma/Degree?) of engineering maths is this question aimed at?
      • My solution is as follows, may not be right/what you are looking for.
      • I tried on MATLAB using a few "randomly made up" matrices for A and B, and i solved for X using my solution. The value of X that i found agrees with the equation (AX - BA = I_m) given in the question.


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    • None of the matrices are given

      It is given to me that they are of m x  m order but they are not given,

      Yes this is a very general question but it is in my Mid Sem exam in EEE diploma

    • And thank you so much !

      That was the solution that I was looking for !

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    • No problem

      I guess the question wants to test the student's knowledge on manipulating matrix equations, and wants the students to know that a matrix cannot be "divided", and have to use the inverse property.

      I have added in some more details and fit the document into a single page pdf file and it can be downloaded here

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    • In case you specialise in power Engineering in SP EEE, I wrote a solution for one of the past year questions recently.

      Verify with your lecturer on the accuracy of my solutions, hopefully my approach fits his requirements. icon_lol.gif


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    • I also believe that this task is aimed at testing knowledge on the manipulation of matrix equations. To solve matrix, I sometimes use the Wolfram Alpha application or website https://assignment.essayshark.com/math-help.html to get a more detailed explanation of a particular action in a real example, or just check the validity of my solutions.

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    • 请问你为什么不要问你学校的老师,反而问这里的人如何解答你所面对的难题?老师是教你那些知识的人,所以他最有资格帮助你解答难题,然而这里的人懂什么?这里的人都是临时找答案帮你解答难题的,所以他们给的答案即使正确也未必是最好的方案。最好还是问学校的老师比较好,因为他们怎么说是教你那些知识的人,而制作考试题目和改考卷的人也是他们。

      如果遇到难题,就问学校老师吧。That’s what the tutorial session is for. Before the tutorial session, do the tutorial questions. Then as and when you encounter difficulty when doing the questions, you make a mark on those questions and ask your lecturer for help during the tutorial session.

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