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What's the best math learning strategy now?

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    • My friends and I were debating as to whether or not math help site works for students here in Singapore.  He works at a company that does math help online

      Their site helps students by having canned math help video content and practice questions.

      I am more of the mind that only humans are helpful for math help - i.e. in the form of a math tutor.  But my last math class was 10 years ago.

      My question to the forum - those of you taken math recently (or still are).  What's the best math learning strategy now?

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    • Maybe just practicing school papers if your math foundation is already somewhat solid.

      If the difficulty of the paper is too simple/standard can consider to move up to more difficult papers with complex questions to stimulate one's mind to think more innovatively towards novel questions not encountered before and further improve standard.

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    • It depends on their maths standard and the level of understanding when someone explains via online or in person i suppose? 

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