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What's the best math learning strategy now?

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    • My friends and I were debating as to whether or not math help site works for students here in Singapore.  He works at a company that does math help online

      Their site helps students by having canned math help video content and practice questions.

      I am more of the mind that only humans are helpful for math help - i.e. in the form of a math tutor.  But my last math class was 10 years ago.

      My question to the forum - those of you taken math recently (or still are).  What's the best math learning strategy now?

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    • Maybe just practicing school papers if your math foundation is already somewhat solid.

      If the difficulty of the paper is too simple/standard can consider to move up to more difficult papers with complex questions to stimulate one's mind to think more innovatively towards novel questions not encountered before and further improve standard.

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    • It depends on their maths standard and the level of understanding when someone explains via online or in person i suppose? 

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    • Hi PeterParker1,

        The learner has to be aware of the typical questions emphasised at the national exams.

        The learner has to be hands-on and do the problems with resilience, rather than depending heavily on borrowed knowledge, via solutions.

        Learning from a live person directly is still the best way, I have come across too many helpless learners that do not pick up anything useful from some flipped videos...

        Some of the learning strategies can be found on my website: wenshih.wordpress.com.

        Thank you!

      Wen Shih

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    • When I was at school I used to study Math with the help of private tutor, futher I tried to continue by myself, sometimes I asked my friends for help or guys from Studydaddy... It depends on how deep your knowledge really are, I suppose

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    • I used to be really bad at math & that's because I don't have a foundation in most of the topics. One of my teachers could see that and started to rebuild my foundation, even tho I alr in sec 3 at that time, and my interest. She taught me not only the basics but explained the whys and hows. (Like for example, why the formula is used in this way or how is topic can be applied in real life <- definitely got my interest in trying to learn more also). 

      In conclusion, building interest and foundation is the best strategy i think.


      • If no interest= no motivation to practice more.
      • No foundation = no basic understanding to solve questions.


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