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    • Hi there, I was shortlisted for Singapore poly accountancy. Interview is on 15 july. There is an aptitude test and "discover the winner in you" programme (not sure what's that). Am quite ready for interview as school drilled me for interview. Just scared for the aptirude test. Any idea what type of question they will ask? If is sonething related to principles of accounting, then i might still be able to manage. If is general question like "What is the current trend in the business industry?", then I'm screwed. Anyone can give any advice?

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    • Chill. You are just Sec4/5. They won't kill off students like that one. You said you're not sure about this "discover the winner in you" programme. I advise you to read up more about it, cause you need to know what you're heading into. Imagine them interviewing you and they ask you what this programme is. Paiseh if you don't know.

      Tbh I don't know what questions they will ask. Definitely not like the one you've mentioned, because it's too general. But I think it's best if you answer them truthfully, and if you can, with a personal touch. 

      If your POA get A1/A2, I wouldn't worry so much. If you really want to do accountancy in future, try reading up the business section in newspapers and see if you like it anot.

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    • The questions they ask are probably at secondary school level. They can’t be asking you questions that are beyond O level standard, because otherwise it’s not fair. Don’t worry. It’s probably just POA questions.

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