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Portal for students to learn anywhere, any time

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    • Portal for students to learn anywhere, any time, to be rolled out to all schools from next year


      Students from all schools - from primary schools to junior colleges - can soon access learning resources and learn at their own pace anywhere, any time, through a new online learning portal.

      The Singapore Student Learning Space, currently being piloted at 62 primary and secondary schools, will be rolled out progressively to all schools from next year (2018).

      It is an online platform that will support learning and teaching of major subjects, including English, mathematics, history and even physical education.

      The aim is for students to take greater ownership of their learning and to work together with their peers.

      Interactive resources, such as videos, animations, simulations, games and quizzes, will allow them to learn at their own pace, revisit concepts and read up on other areas of interest, said the Education Ministry on Wednesday (Aug 16).

      Many of these resources have been developed with industry and external partners to offer real-world context to concepts learnt in class.

      Teachers are also given more support through the portal, which helps them in the design and conducting of lessons, the ministry said. They can design resources that promote critical thinking and teamwork among their students.

      Through the online platform, teachers can share lesson ideas and strategies within and across schools, allowing students to benefit from the wider range of resources.

      The Education Ministry, together with GovTech, will work with schools to gather feedback and make adjustments before the portal is rolled out to all schools.


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    • Originally posted by Meganmartin704:



      If your writing skill cannot make it, why do you think our learning portal's developer would want to choose you to teach our local curriculum? Just an primary school teacher itself they need be an degree holder plus train at NIE (National Institute of Education) before they can officially teach in public schools!

      Regarding to the learning portal, this kind of concept has already been implement in asian countries like China in national level, however in US or europe countries, their public school's learning portal is usually provided by third party companies like pearson, cengage, wiley etc instead carried out mainly by their governement education agencies!

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    • Hi FireIce,

      All of your content and advice you have share is more useful for student.  Student can get their eduction by online learning portal.


      thanks for sharing.

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    • Concerns over e-learning and screen time

      While parents are excited about the new e-learning platform that gives students access to a range of learning tools, they worry it will mean more screen time for their children.

      The Singapore Student Learning Space will be rolled out to all schools from next year.

      With it, students can learn at their own pace anywhere, any time by having access to videos, games and animations that will reinforce the learning of subjects, including English, mathematics and even physical education.

      A parent, Mrs Patricia Tan, 41, worries that her 10-year-old son may end up spending too much time on devices.

      "They may end up fiddling with their devices even when they are not using the resources," she said.

      Studies bear out her concern - a recent one by think-tank DQ Institute and Nanyang Technological University found that 12-year-olds already spend almost 46 hours a week glued to a screen, while nine-year-olds are spending over 24 hours a week doing the same.


      However, National University of Singapore lecturer Kelvin Seah believes that with the portal, students may learn to better use their screen time. "For instance, students may consciously or unconsciously reduce their time spent on social media, using the time instead for online learning," he said.

      "So the increased time spent on the portal could well be compensated by a reduction in time spent on other online activities."

      Students are encouraged to take regular breaks when using their devices, said the Ministry of Education, adding that parental guidance is also important to reinforce such desirable practices.

      It said: "Many of our students are 'digital natives' who are adept at using smart devices, and schools seek to nurture students to be responsible digital learners."

      While the use of technology can be a double-edged sword, it should not be avoided, said Dr Timothy Chan, director of SIM Global Education's academic division. "We cannot blindly reject technology simply because a child has been spending unproductive time on it."

      Dr Yuhyun Park, founder of DQ Institute, said parents have to decide what is a healthy amount of time to spend on devices.

      "Given the ubiquitous nature of digital media and devices, it is more important for kids to learn how to use them in a wise way rather than being blocked from potential benefits of online learning," she added.

      Experts shared that the problem of screen addiction can be addressed by teaching students about self-control and time management, and leading a balanced lifestyle.

      Sociologist Paulin Straughan said parents can "set guidelines that are easy to remember and follow, and set reasonable assignments that can be completed within fair timelines so that kids can continue to enjoy their childhood".

      "We should send clear signals to students that they do not have to over-prepare to secure a good grade," she added.

      • Help for needy students to get devices and access


        The Singapore Student Learning Space, a new online learning portal, will help level the playing field as it gives all students, regardless of school, the same access to quality learning resources.

        But what about those who cannot afford an electronic device to access the online platform?

        The Ministry of Education (MOE) told The Straits Times that those who need support can apply for schemes for a computer and subsidised Internet subscription.

        The NEU PC Plus Programme, for instance, offers needy students a brand-new computer at an affordable price.

        Parents can also tap other grants, such as the Opportunity Fund, to apply for subsidies to purchase personal devices for their children.

        Schools also have a range of computing devices that students can use to access the portal during school hours, MOE said.

        For home access, students can log in using their own personal devices.

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    • Art classes are extremely helpful 

      Art classes are more useful than most parents have thought. Studies show that children who attend art activities while they are still young ( 3 - 7 years old) become more successful. Let me explain briefly, children who have developed their brain activity with art games are more creative.http://muzart.com.sg/art-courses/foundation-art-class/ Creative kids are better at solving problems. Successful people are really good at solving problems. It sounds really simple but for growing children art games, drawing and painting are really important. That's why art schools have classes for kids aged 2 - 6 years old. 

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