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CR9 seeks help for son's mathematics homework

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    • CR9, if your son needs Chemistry help, he can post his questions here and I'll advise. For Mathematics, you'll have to see if anyone's willing to reply. The mathematics experts WeeWS and Eagle only drop by here occasionally.

      CR9 posted :

      can anyone help me with my son's homework? I could do the 3rd and 4th ones but left smoked for the rest:(


      please help!

      thanks in advance everyone!

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    • (i) is just finding common factor.

      (ii) is ambiguous... how can you cancel the 6 just like that? This is not division, or any other recognized mathematical method.

      (iii) the question already doesn’t make sense. If follow the equation stated in the question, the second number is 3, not 2.

      Forget about the (iv).

      What kind of question is this?

      Is this a joke?

      Don’t insult our intelligence leh.

    • .

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    • Hi

      (i) If we rearrange, we get

      (10p + d) / (10d + q) = p/q

      Comparing, we get
      p = 1, q = 4 and d = 6

      (ii) Expanding the first equation, we get
      10pq + dq = 10 pd + pq
      9pq + dq - 10pd = 0

      I am unsure of the syllabus, of the level, at which this question is pitched at.
      So, I would do a trial and error method to solve, which may or may not be in syllabus given the lack of information

      p = 1 gives us an answer already
      The other 3 cases (apart from p, q, and d the same numbers, and non-zeros)
      p = 1, q = 5 and d = 9
      p = 2, q = 5 and d = 6 
      p = 4, q = 8 and d = 9

    • Sorry, am unsure which other questions you are not sure about. Please do indicate.

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