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O-level or PFP?

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    • Hi,

      I would like to ask is it risky to skip O-level to join PFP? (PFP means Poly foundation program ) would like to ask in poly one course can fail how many times in PFP? I heard that if you fail one time you are out of Poly. Is it true? My daughter is in NA the form teacher is pushing her student to join PFP in poly. Whereas second class of NA the form teacher is pushing their student to ITE. Those student are disheartened. They don't encourage their student taking O-level.Only when you are top of the cream then you are encourage to take O-level. 

      My daughter and me are at the lost. She is not very smart, but welling to work hard. She is aiming to go to Design course in Poly. Can someone help please.


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    • From Sec 5 here, missed PFP by 1 point during N levels, and so went on to do O levels, and now I am in a JC. The thing is for O levels as Long as willing to work hard, it is relatively simple and like above said it will open more doors. Not quite sure why ur said secondary school is doing that, NA students are not only suited for poly or ITE...

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