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Dipoma of Infocoom techology

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    • i just took n level this year and I want to go pfp if possible and i am interested in Infocoom technology in poly ,however I do not have any foundation of coding as I haven't learn before,so do u think am I suitable to join this course? will lecturer teach newbie coding from sketch?

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    • There are a lot of students who started coding at the age of 7 and are experts already in poly. So there is a lot of catching up to do and the lecturers may not do a lot of detailed teaching and there will be many materials to read up on your own and your own coding exercises.

      You need to upgrade in IT constantly. Imagine after working at age 40, you have a family of 4 and you spend the evening reading a new programming language manual that is 400 pages long.

      It is not gonna be easy and the Indians in India are experts in coding.


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