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MI or JC?

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    • i am having a hard time considering if i should go to jc or MI

      Heres my O'level results: L1r5 17, L1r4 12

       Eng C5, C.Humanities(ss+hist) C5, H.chinese B4, Chinese A1 A.math B3, E.math A1, Bio A2, Chem B3

      I'm thinking of going to MI because if i think i need at least 3 years to improve my english and be better at my science subjects.

      But my parents would like me to go to Jc because they think the environment in Jc would motivate me study harder (dad: tchers n students in jc give a better study environment/ Mom: you would/may relax/slack, thinking that you hv 3 years, in the end, not being able to achieve anything great)

      i know its very last minute, but, PLS help me, any advice or suggestions? 

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