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Further studies after poly

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    • Hi, I'm currently doing IT in NP, my cumulative as of my last semester which is 2.1 is now at 3.2.

      I kinda messed up in the second sem in my first year which really made it hard to pull my gpa back up. I'm thinking of doing further studies but I don't really know what to do. I'm expecting a 3.3 this semester as I've had two modules I really struggled with.

      A brief calculation brought me to the conclusion that even if I were to work insanely hard for both my internship and my final semester in school, I wouldn't be able to enter computer science, information systems or computer engineering since even if I got straight As for my final two semesters, I would get a cumulative of about 3.45. I'm not exactly sure what to do as of now. I'm quite interested in Front-end web development and user experience design. But that said, I'm just worried that if I applied for any MNC jobs with my potato resume, I would still be rejected before even reaching the interview stage. Which is why I want to further my studies. I'm not so sure about digipen or SIT, but based on some research on other forums, I see that people from SIM can't really find jobs either and end up being stuck in some dead end job (Source is from a few years ago though, so it may be different). So yep.

      Also quite sure overseas studies is not viable.

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    • Hi,

      If I am not wrong, SIT only requires a GPA of 3.0 for entry. They are also looking at other areas (e.g. interest & passion) as well.


      Try your best to pull up your GPA to the max possible .


      Regards, Jonathan Leong

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