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[A LEVELS] [Private Candidates] [2018]

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    • Hello people!

      I’m going to take A levels (first attempt) this year as a private candidate . Currently enrolled in MDIS A levels 10 months course . 

      (Background on myself)
      I did JC back in 2014-2015 which I failed to graduate due to medical problems and hence dropped out in J2. I wasn’t doing badly for my promos, in fact I was doing fairly well and was promoted in J1 . I dropped out due to my medical problem and family issues a lot of personal stuff as well. I went to NS first and have now decided to retake my A’s as a private candidate in 2018. Subject combination is BCMe. 

      Anyone who’s interested in studying together, sharing notes or attending crash courses/tuition in a group with reputable teachers or anything else related feel free to private message me here or email me at [email protected] . I’ll get back to you ASAP and perhaps we can exchange numbers and move on from there . Currently residing in the far east side of Singapore, age is around early 20s. Will get back to you ASAP . Preferably looking for people who are really really motivated to do well just like I am and make it to a local University ! First timers, retakers , everyone is welcome as Long as you’re very serious about doing well for A’s . 

      Looking forward to meeting this year’s private candidates and like minded friends !

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    • Private candidates (without private tuition) may post their H2 Chemistry questions here on SgForums Homework Forum if you need free help. I won’t spoonfeed you the answers, but I’ll give you guidance.

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    • If you need free 2017 JC2 prelim papers for H2 Chemistry with answer sheet provided, please go to www.sgfreepapers.com

      No payment whatsoever.

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