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Question about fish breed and tail rot issues

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  • MazeL's Avatar
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    • Hi all, 


      I'm an extreme newbie on fish and really required your helpful advise. :(


      Recently i manage to pick up 3 of these fish and 2 died right after i manage to buy a proper tank and 'chemicals'. -Can anyone tell me what breed is this? :halo:




      I bought the following 'chemicals' and manage to save the last fish but its suffering from tail rot? some part of the skin totally came off and it looked so painful.. Then i went back to buy a GeneralTonic for it, but is there any other thing i can do?






      I am currently using a tank divider to separate my goldfish from it as i thought it would be a great company but the goldfish ended up biting its wound. Pls help ><" Im so lost!!



  • gonjinn's Avatar
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    • Hi

      I am not an expert in catfish but I think it looks like Iridescent Shark. You may compare your fish with the pictures in the URLs below to see if they match.



      Your fish looks like it has a serious injury. I doubt it will survive though I hope I am wrong. All the best.

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