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Some Not So Well-Known Mammals

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    • In this article we present you 15 not so well-known land mammals from all around the globe. There is no reason why they are less known than other mammals, so let's promote them a bit. You'll remember them for sure, at least some of them, because of their strange appearance.

      1. Genet

      2. Especially Cute Slow Loris

      3. Fossa

      4. Caracal

      A sort of a wild cat, but imagine just for a second having this beautiful animal in your house.

      5. Black And Rufous Elephant Shrew

      If you ask me it's like a mix of an elephant and a mouse.

      6. Scimitar Oryx

      7. Tamandua

      8. Ground Pangolin

      This Creature Is If Has Just Gone Out Of Some Video Game.

      9. Saiga

      Probably a close relative of roes.

      10. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

      You wouldn't wanna mess with the monkey with canines like these...

      11. Proboscis Monkey

      Yes, I know what you'll say about his nose, trust me...

      12. Celebes Crested Macaque

      ...and about their behinds, too.

      13. Common Vampire Bat

      14. Naked Mole Rat

      Honestly, I've never seen a grosser combination of two animals, a mole and a rat in this case.

      15. Aye-Aye

      A Malagasy kind of lemur... Sounds like the Madagascar animated movie to me, remember king Julian?

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