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would you put your pet to sleep?

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    • I know it's very cruel but very heart pain to see him suffer rike tish.

      he can still eat, quite well in fact but it no longer have the physical ability to move around much.

      he keeps his head down cause it's too tiring to lift it up and cause of tht, he'll constantly unbalance, falling on his back with all four legs up and he'll need help to get up again.

      he's weak in many areas, further more 1 of his balls is very swollen, so i guess it's very painful to him

      PS: not my pet, asking for others. he's a rabbit, 13 yr old liao

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    • yes let it go naturally…

      feed him his favourite food….help him to drink water…

      carry him, hug him and show him tender loving care…

      spend time with him while you can…show that someone cares…

      and then when the time comes, he will go away peacefully….

      give him a proper burial…

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