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EPL ~ Manchester United vs Liverpool - Jan 13

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      Manchester United vs Liverpool

      Sunday, 13 January 2013

      Time: 9:30pm  -  (Live)   

      Mio Channel 102 in HD

      EPL Game 22





      Manchester United :  

      De Gea, Ferdinand, Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Jones, Buttner, Evra, Carrick, Giggs, Cleverley, Fletcher, Valencia, Scholes, Hernandez, Welbeck, Robin Van Persie, Young, Powell, Anderson, Nani, Kagawa, Lindegaard, Macheda.


      Doubtful Rooney 

      Injured :  -



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    • icon_lol.gif Ytd my man utd fren use Liverpool in fifa

      in the end liverpool won 0-1

      if the prediction come true


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    • Originally posted by SJS6638:

      Though i don't like united I forsee they are going to win

      Though i like united I forsee they are going to win

    • Originally posted by gunner77:

      i expect a routine victory.


      they are nothing more than a mid table club.

      a mid table club who will work very hard to make united drop points.

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    • Match Report: Manchester United’s old rivals Liverpool are just speck in rear view mirror

                              Manchester United 2 Liverpool 1

      As the last seconds of hope were squeezed out of Liverpool, Sir Alex Ferguson jabbed at his wristwatch and cast an accusing look at the fourth official. Liverpool, for the large part, looked like a team who are a speck in Manchester United’s rear-view mirror this morning and their manager’s suggestion last night that “We are 24 points behind Manchester United but we are not 24 points behind on quality” frankly stretched the bounds of credibility. Humour worked better. “That win might be critical. I don’t think we’ll catch United now,” said former Liverpool player

      Jan Molby, who must have been joking.

      Liverpool are yet to beat one of the Premier League’s top-10 sides this season and Rodgers seized on the notion, when it was put to him, that a win against a big club might just be the “next step” which changes everything. He quoted back Ferguson’s 1990 FA Cup third-round win over Nottingham Forest and expressed hopes for his very own “defining moment”. The more prosaic truth was that his side looked short of class.

      Rodgers characterises this squad as one assembled on a shoestring, though that is not entirely true. Joe Allen cost £15m and was the player Rodgers wanted at all costs, even if no cash was left for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey. That leaves Rodgers needing to persist with him, as an article of faith in his own judgement. Rodgers rested Allen over Christmas because he was “jaded” but he stretched logic yesterday by withdrawing Lucas Leiva, one of Liverpool’s few productive players, and not Allen at half time.

      Rodgers’ name for his holding midfielder is “controllers” but United commandeered it, as Liverpool drifted deep. They enjoyed comfortable possession – a novelty for them on these occasions – and there were more than 10 passes in the build up to the goal which put them ahead. Shinji Kagawa’s work off the ball was one of its lesser appreciated subtleties but the finished product was simple: Robin van Persie’s own movement allowing him to dart in ahead of Daniel Agger’s challenge to meet Evra’s low cross and scoop the ball beyond Pepe Reina.

      It was a desperately timid first half from a Liverpool perspective. Rodgers has been reading Deep Survival, writer Laurence Gonzales’s study of why some people hold onto life and others don’t, and for 45 minutes it looked like his side were just trying to avoid a fatal blow. Liverpool supporters require something far more visceral.

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