22 May, 09:56PM in sunny Singapore!

Manchester United vs Real Madrid

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    • Tonight is the game of the centuries!!! With both Manchester United and Real Madrid keeping their winning ways and fine forms of their key players, this is the game no one would want to miss!!!

      Lets see if De Gea will be able to continue Man Utd's clean sheet with Phil Jones locking down Ronaldo (as he did well in the first leg) and RVP and Rooney will treble the visitors defence lines and scoring goals!!

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    • ook..ref give a red card to nani... This ref realli fuk..up. Nani is on blind side..even with high boots..its the side boots..yellow for tat.....but..anyway..tml news got something to see lor hehe

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    • if man u were really better they should still be able to contain Real.

      they should stop blaming the defeat on the sending off.


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    • I didn't mind if manchester united lost...

      Due to fault of the refree or not.....

      What was more disheartening for me was to see the players give up when the 2nd goal was scored......

      This is not the manchester united of old.

      They will NEVER EVER compete with the class of 1999 to me

      The class of 1999 had swagger, character and most importantly spirit......

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