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Shall I study full-time or part-time?

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    • Well, I kinda have some complicated questions here:
      1. What course shall I study for degreee?
      Let me give you some background. I have a diploma in Computer Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic. I got an offer in both NTU and NUS. But then I reserved a place in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Degree in Computer Science. Currently I am serving a 1 year and 10 months mandatory National Service. I have been thinking about it so much lately. I don't know whether shall I change course or not? I am not an IT Savvy guy and I am not so interested in IT either. The only modules that I enjoyed during my poly time were Computer Networking modules, wireless, and "some" programming modules. Well by now, I think I have forgotten programming probably. So yeah, I was wondering whether pursuing a computer science is a good choice or not since I am not an IT Savvy guy? Oh another thing, I don't know my own interests. I really feel pathetic. I don't know what I like to do or what I am good at.

      2. Shall I study full-time or part-time?
      If I study full-time, I would need a about 3 years more which means that I will only start working at the age of 26/27. Its like wasting 3 years worth of working experience. That's insane. Recently I came across uniSIM which offers part-time degree in about 3 years too.
      - BSc Information and Communication Technology
      - BSc IT and Business (ERP)
      Well I am kinda interested in both courses I mentioned in the link above.

      But then when I googled in forums trying to find out the salary ranges from graduates from this course, I could not find. But I managed to find those graduates who graduated from University of London (SIM). Their starting salaries were like from $1.8k - $2.4k per month. And I was like so shocked. I don't know how true is true. That's what I found in the online forums. So I was like comparing, Fresh graduates from NTU Comp Science students would earn about $3k-$3.7k as their starting salaries. Whereby, I am not sure how much does IT graduates from SIM earns.


      I am also kind of interested in the courses below:

      I would greatly appreciate if someone could let me know. As of now, I am still undecided whether to study part-time or full-time?


      3. Shall I apply for a scholarship?
      If I were to study full-time in NTU, shall I apply for a scholarship? with bonds or without bonds? I felt kind of scary if I were to apply for scholarship. Will I be working as what have I studied? or will I do some jobs that I don't enjoy doing after I graduate? How much will I be paid after graduation? Market price or below market price if I were sponsored by a company. My poly GPA is not so good. Is about 3.75. I don't know whether getting a scholarship in Singapore is a good idea or not. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. 

      Thank you so much for reading these questions.

      *Man, honestly, I am tired of studying. :)

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