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How come No Interest In South American Footy Leagues?

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    • Everyone is interested in European leagues and football.Are there nobody interested in football leagues from places like Argentina,Brazil or Mexico?I think their brand of football is interesting and different from the European style of play.

      In the 1990s,the old SBC would broadcast "Futbol Americas"which features football leagues from Central and South America plus the Copa Liberatores which was South America's version of the European Champions League.

      We can also open up a discussion of Latino football leagues over here too...

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    • So which league is the strongest in South America?Argentina?Brazil or Chile?

      I am not asking for live matches.I am happy with just the highlights.I felt that South American football and their leagues are quite underrated here in SG.The spectators can just invade the pitch anytime and things can get quite crazy.Can get quite violent on the pitch too...

      Just think of matches like Boca vs River and Corinthians vs Flamengo...Same intensity as Barca vs Real.

    • I think the South American leagues will be a hit with the locals if they show the matches or highlights here.Just imagine watching Neymar and other young starlets week in week out.Nowadays,people only know about European football.

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    • Probably because their best players left their league long before they become great or even good enough. Time zone mentioned here is also another thing. And not to forget the not very professional commentary or worse, sometimes not in english somemore. And it also doesn't help with too many stimulation from it players which can be very irritating to say the least.

      Probably there are other good reasons too why S American football hasn't made it elsewhere apart from just S America over the decades. But when the WC comes around, many still support their sides.

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    • Yeah,the thing that attracts me are the player's and manager's antics eg,the fans are quite violent,time-wasting and the things you don't usually see in European football.

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    • Last time,there used to be highlights of football shows from almost every continent on Channel 5 in the 1990s,

      -For Europe(European Soccer Show)

      -For Central and South America(Futbol Americas)

      -Asia(Asian Soccer Show)

      Where they have gone to?

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