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Do Arsenal (FINALLY!) have the best defence?

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    • Hi Guys - im a die hard arsenal fan and really like what im seeing in our defence - Cech in goal won golden

      glove award last season so 'nuff said. Bellerin is super quick - Monreal/Gibbs are super consistent.

      But in the centre with Koscielny and Koscielny ver 2.0 (I think his name is Mustafi or something???) - just awesome and

      amazing! For the first time in years i dont shit my pants whenever the opposition are near our goal.

      So do we have the best defence now? Or is Spurs defence still better?

      Also 2 things to point out - 1. the best defence always wins championships 2 .Arsenal always finishes above Spurs.

      Therefore Arsenal will win EPL.....??????

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    • do you realize that arsenal is the most goal penetrated in the Champion league?

      i'm also a arsenal fans, since thierry henry and ljungberg era, but i must honest, arsenal now is not better than 2003. 

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    • but no matter how good also cant top as usual.. something is lacking...maybe play welbeck or pull perez and asano back ! ASANO !!!!

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