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Stamina Dropping. ( Late 30s )

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    • Hi, I'm hoping that someone could help advice on what I may do to improve my stamina and energy with less pain. I used to workout more than 3 times a week with mostly stationary cardio workout. Now I seen to get tire and non motivated to workout as I use too. My workout routine had been reduced to 2 times a week and less intense. Even with the reduced workout that I'm doing now, I still find it difficult to complete it with out taking breaks in between. I still feel aching pain after each workout. Hope for advice to overcome this. Thanks.

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    • U must sleep @ least 8 hrs a night or till properly rested if u have sleep debt. Adequate sleep is part of healthy lifestyle (besides controling stress by being nice to others).

      U r only damaging your own body if u exercise after inadequate rest.


      If u r Sinkee >35 yrs w IPPT liability, pls tell that to your MO for FFI IPPT. He may refer u for a threadmill to exclude a heart problem  (in addition to the usual pre IPPT cholesterol, diabetes, BP, ecg.,  urine, etc tests). Otherwise talk to GP, but I still think that adequate rest (for body repair @ end of every day) is of primary importance.

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    • Having enough rest is a factor , but if you mean that your stamina is dropping even though you are having enough rest and eating well, it might be your male testosterone is dropping due to aging. You want to improve your stamina you can try some herbal supplement like tongkat ali or cistanches. there's alot of brand out on the market for you to choose from but if you want me to recommend i would recommend you to purchases a local (SG) brand cause other brand might add sterios or other chemical that is harmful for your body.

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