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[SC Annoucement] House Rules v1.3

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    • Singles Club

      Welcome to Singles Club.

      What we are,

      This is a subforum where people come together, hang out, establishing friendship and building bond.

      Singles club is also a place where frequent outings are planned and commenced.

      We strive to bring people from all walks of life together and most importantly, have fun.

      All outings are opened to public, with the exception for private outings where mods will meet up for discussions.

      This club is open for all.

      What we are not,

      Singles club is NOT a match making club.
      Despos are NOT welcomed here.

      The House Rules.


      Threads that are not allowed.

      Posts with intention to flame/hurt fellow forumy are considered unsuitable. Moderators have the rights to close/edit any of such threads. And of course post with (Hi im looking for a girlfriend) will be edited and locked.

      If you don't want your post to be edited, think before you post.


      Contacts of other forumies

      Giving out ANY form contacts of other forumies without their permission is NOT ALLOWED.

      Do NOT post your contact information as you might receive a lot of spam.

      Contacts that have been given to moderator for outing purpose or some other reason will not be given out to anyone else.

      If you want someone's contact number/msn email/facebook/blog or whatever, PM the person. Don't ask around.


      Personal information of forumers.
      Personal information can only be exchanged between Bearer and Recipient. No 3rd parties, unless with Bearer's permission.


      Outing's photographs.
      Any photographs of fellow forumies Must Not be posted in the forum.
      If you want to see how other forumies look like, go for the outings.
      This is just to be fair for all.

      Note for moderators:
      Fellow Mods, please facilitate rules & regulations with caution.
      Only use your "powers" when needed and NEVER abuse them.

      Credits to Popikachu.


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