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Local SG-Chinese girls' impression about middle-eastern men?

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    • Good day ladies and gents!

      I am a middle-eastern professional. Specifically, I am from Iraq. I have been in this area for long. I can even speak Singlish decently well. I describe myself as kind, well educated, attractive/nice in looks, very open minded, ambitious, and just a bit shy, but can manage. Previously, I dated a few foreign, yet Asian girls. I like their character and look in general. They were all one time outings that ended up with nice friendships, except for a local Singaporean, whom I felt more attracted to and quite interested in since the first date. She won amongst the previous ones, and suddenly took a decently big part of my mind. We dated TWICE so far. Just in case, I am a free-thinker, from a decent family and of course, she's aware of that. All of that is in an effort to find a compatible future partner, btw.

      The M$ question is, are local Chinese-girls ok with dating middle-eastern guys (Iraqis/Iranians)? A direct answer and you'll make me an invaluable favor. I like her, and it seems to be mutual. All the time, I have been showing her my interest clearly. But out of the blues, her responsiveness started to mysteriously deteriorate after the second date, unlike how she was all the time before. Do I have to work harder, or change the way I am approaching her?.. is there anything I can fix?

      Thanks a million in advance! :)

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