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girls and girls relationship

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    • i'm a good-looking girl but still it's so hard to find a really reliable lesbo playmate :x

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    • Nicholas, hate to break this to you. But these sort of excuses coming from a girl, is just BS. You're serving NS hence from Mon to Fri you'll be in camp. And she actually said that it is due to time commitment as one of the reason for this break up?

      Think abt it dude, when a girl is stressed up she would wish nothing more than some emotional support. It is like a pillar of support to keep her going, be it phone calls or text msg. But she choose to throw it away? 

      When girls are in uni, they would want to be be unchain and unattach as this is the beginning of their prime. They would want the best for themselves. 

      I've learn somethings thru out the years. Being a good guy would get you nothing but heartache. Even if that girl is a good girl, cause this world is screw up and humans being humans would always abuse conveniences.

      Dont bother telling her you will wait for her and etc.. Cause she would not treasure it, and she would only use you as a spare. Sad to say, she might be looking at some other guys in her uni. All those chases, all the temptations is too great for her to withstand. (Just my experience in this shit)


      My advice to you, focus and think of what you want in life. Go thru uni after NS and enjoy your student life go for exchange programe if you can, lack of bucks? Work part time and fund it. Go for your intern and if you've business opportunity go for it. Experience it.

      Your life doesnt revolve around one girl. If she doesnt appreciate you, some girl will. But be sure to hold it when that chance come by, cause it would be sinful if you dont. 


      Good Luck Lad 




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    • Go west,   they are open.  More choices there  ....... lesbians.    US a good one,   an american friend said so.


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    • well, it depend upon the situation. In first place we don't know who/what kind of person we have fallen for..

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    • i sometime ask myself what is right, what is wrong.

      relationship with relative

      sex with animal

      relationship with underage

      relationship with same gender

      even staying single, yes, i wonder whether staying single is right or wrong.


      this is what i think,

      relationship with relative is wrong because of genetics. relative have the same defective genes. when relatives mate, their offspring will have a 100% of getting that defective genes. if everyone mate with relatives, everyone will have something wrong with them like 100% chance of certain diease, 100% chance of certain disorder.


      i feel that sex with animal and relationship with same gender is wrong but i dont know why it is wrong. this feeling could have been from my upbringing when society was different. i can empathise that if a child is raised by same gender parents either through adoption or surrogate, that child will grow up seeing same gender relationship as normal. but this is just feelings. feelings aside, i don't know whats wrong with these 2.


      relationship with underage is wrong because a person brain keeps developing till around age 25. at different age, the brain is at different stages. an underage person does not have the physical brain infrastrcture to deal with emotional problems and may leads to mental problems in later life(or so i heard). having said that, different country have different age limit for being underage and just 100 years ago, Chinese women marries at 15 years old just like my grandparents who was 30 and 15 years old of age.


      i dont now whether staying single is wrong because there is this arguement of same gender relationship is wrong because of worsening the birthrate. without adoption and surrogate, staying single worsen the birthrate too. many would agree it is our right to reproduce, not a duty. however if we look at our society when not having enough young generation is causing problems, our right to not reproduce is in question. if a right causes harm, should it still be exercised? would reproducing becomes a duty?

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    • I think gender should not be the basis or the limitation of any relationship. 

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