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Say ‘goodbye' to lost luggage

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    • The Tumi Global Locator will let you wirelessly track your bags anywhere in the world.

      The new gadget, demonstrated for the first time on Tuesday and due to go on sale before the end of the year, has been developed by the bag-maker in partnership with AT&T and LugTrack and is small enough to fit to most items of luggage.

      It uses GPS, GSM, wi-fi and Bluetooth in order to maintain a connection with the supporting smartphone app and has the smarts to know when it's on board an aircraft and therefore to power down and cease transmission.

      "In today's digital world of connected devices, smartphones, and tablets, we saw a great opportunity to support consumers' desire to remain connected to all parts of their lives, including their luggage and bags they use day-to-day. We are excited to be working with AT&T and LugTrack to bring this exciting new travel solution to market," said TUMI's Chief Executive Officer and President, Jerome Griffith.




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