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Most Affordable yet Amazing Beaches of South-East Asia

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    • There are so many paradisiacal beaches in South-East Asia that making a choice can often be difficult. Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia? The choice is huge! So here is a selection with a few of our favorite beaches throughout South East Asia.

      Phra Nang Beach, Krabi, Thailand


      Phra Nang Beach is located at the southern tip of Rai Leh, a peninsula on the Andaman Coast. Framed by stunning limestone cliffs and blessed with clear, emerald waters and beautiful white sands, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. It is also popular with climbers who enjoy scaling Rai Leh’s massive limestone rocks. Travelers interested in learning how to scale these rocks will find a number of instructors in the area willing to literally show them the ropes. Phra Nang, which can be reached by long-tail boat from Ao Nang, is quite popular and so can be crowded at times. Relax on the broad strip of white sand staring at the massive cliffs that frame each end of the beach. 


      Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam


      Vietnam has many beautiful beaches and the choice is difficult, especially between the beaches in Hoi An and Phu Quoc Island. Phu Quoc Island, in  the South of Vietnam, is easily accessible and a vital stop for any traveler who is fond of beaches. Liberally sprinkled with picture-perfect white sand beaches and cloaked in dense, impenetrable jungle, Phu Quoc is the best beach in Vietnam. Spend you day trekking through the Phu Quoc National Park, visit the beautiful Cua Can and Ong Lan Beaches and the Dinh Cau Night Market for delicious range of Vietnamese Street food. The tropical island in not only a paradise for its beaches, but also, to enjoy the fresh seafood. It would be unimaginable to leave Phu Quoc without having tasted seafood at least once. For those who are athletic, it is also possible to have a boat tour and to go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters filled with fish. The best time to go is during the dry season – from November to April.


      Sihanoukville, Cambodia

      Sihanoukville is the best place to relax during a trip in Cambodia. It is a good destination for families because the crystal-clear and calm water allows children to swim safely. Surrounded by white-sand beaches and undeveloped tropical islands, Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s most happening beach destination. While here definitely make a trip to the Otres Market, the late night market with live music shows and food stalls and the popular rocky strip of Ochheuteal Beach. Just across Sihanoukville are 2 islands, accessible in one hour by boat. Bamboo and Koh Takiev Islands offer paradisaical landscapes and tranquility, which makes them perfect destinations for one or a few days, to rest with the feet in the water.


      Krabi, Thailand


      Krabi is the more discreet version of Phuket with fewer people and quieter roads. With its trademark karst formations, this place is heaven for rock climbing. Visit the beach of Talay-Wak, one of Thailand’s unseen highlights and Tham Phra Nang Nai, an illuminated caverns full of beautiful limestone formations, including an amazing waterfall of sparkling gold-coloured quartz. Also go elephant trekking or dirt-biking in Phanom Bencha National Park


      Nha Trang, Vietnam


      Ringed by a necklace of hills and with a sweeping crescent beach, Nha Trang enjoys a stunning setting. Offering some of the best scuba diving in the country it an ideal destination for a memorable beach holiday. Check out the Bao Dai Villas here for a terrific view of the bay. Also visit the National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam for the sharks, turtles, coral reefs, lionfish, sea horses and Long Son Pagoda for the 79 feet tall white Buddha statue. 

      Mui Ne, Vietnam


      The adrenalin capital of southern Vietnam is a perfect place for a fun filled vacation with your family. Indulge in Kitesurfing on the coast or surf on the massive waves over here. Mui Ne is also famous for its enormous red and white sand dunes where you can ride an ostrich. Or if you are a little more traditional than the usual quad bikes and dune buggies. Also see Suoi Tien, a beautiful stream with interesting sand and rock formations. 

      Phi Phi Islands, Thailand


      Blessed with exotic marine life, including leopard sharks and colourful coral reefs, Phi Phi Islands are a beautiful combination of stone and sand beaches and warm Andaman Sea. Visit the six islands that make this island group for a spectacular holiday. Visit Phi Phi Don for the Monkey Beach and take a longtail boat to the fantastic Maya Bay. 


      Koh Rong, Cambodia


      The idyllic coastline of Koh Rong offers visitors the chance to experience white sand beaches away from the crowds which is quite a rarity in southern Cambodia. Be sure to check out High Point Adventure Park, for the best views of the ocean, the jungle, and the main beach. Also indulge in trekking through the untouched jungle and see the phosphorescent plankton every single night.


      Ngapali Beach, Myanmar


      After seeing numerous wonderful temples and monuments in different cities of Myanmar, a few days of rest on a beach paradise will certainly refresh everyone. Ngapali is often quoted as the most beautiful beach in Myanmar It is a perfect place for relaxation, located in the Bay of Bengal and quite easy to access. It is only a 45 minute flight from Yangon and one hour from Inle Lake. The white sand beaches with crystal clear water and lined coconut trees are until now well preserved from touristic development. For those who want to discover the surroundings instead of sunbathing on the beach, the small fishing villages and the local markets are interesting to explore by bike. The best time to go is between November and May.


      Koh Phangan, Thailand


      The tiny island has everything, pristine beaches, fun outdoor activities for adults and kids and water-sports. Visit the stunning Ang Thong Marine National Park and the beautiful waterfalls of Nam Tok Than Sadet and Nam Tok Phaeng where you can spot wild crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, deer and boar. Also get a dose of the local culture at the Night Market while nibbling on snacks like Banana pancakes and red snapper over noodles. After the dreamy stay at the beach, spend time in the amazing city of Bangkok.


      Langkawi, Malaysia


      One of the most well known destinations in Southeast Asia and home to Malaysia’s most picturesque beaches, Langkawi will leave you wanting for more. Check out the gorgeous Pantai Cenang, one of the most popular beaches in Langkawi, snorkel at the Pulau Payar Marine Park and relax at the pristine waters and lush jungles of Pantai Kok. Another must see is the Gunung Raya, the tallest mountain on the island and Laman Padi, an ecotourism complex for a closer look at rice paddies.


      Boracay, Philippines


      The laid-back atmosphere of Boracay Island combined with the two-mile stretch of sparkling sand of White Beach, makes this places no less beautiful than the Caribbean. Indulge in water-sports like windsurfing and kite-boarding and also horseback riding at the Bulabog Beach and view the island from Mt. Luho View Deck. 

      El Nido, Philippines


      El Nido: one of the hidden destinations of Asia, has an idyllic setting of a paradise island. The beaches here offer white sand and turquoise water as well as adventure activities such as snorkeling and rock climbing on the limestone cliffs. Visit the beautiful Nagkalit-kalit Waterfalls and take a guided tour of Balay Cuyonon, a well-preserved traditional Cuyonese home to learn about village life. Also go for overnight island hopping and camp on a deserted island. 


      Nusa Dua Beach, Indonesia


      For the sport lovers, Nusa Dua in Indonesia is a destination of choice. They will be able to enjoy many water sports activities such as: jet-ski, para-sailing, banana boat, surfing... Nusa Dua Beach is 40 km south of Denpasar, the provincial capital of Bali. For travelers on holiday in Indonesia and who want to try some water sports on a beautiful beach with clear blue water, Nusa Dua will be up to their expectations. For the others, they can rest on a beautiful white sand beach and enjoy fresh air.


      With hundreds of beautiful beaches and endless blue waters, there is a lot to be seen in the whole of Southeast Asia. With new beaches being discovered every year, there are always a new beach you can explore. 

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    • Hi Daisy Flower,

      I really want to introduce you to the Halong bay Vietnam.

      Vietnam is a UNESCO world heritage site in Quang Ninh provine Vietnam . The Bay has the feature thousand of limestone karsts and isles in variuos sizes and shapes . Halong Bay can be said to best place to travel in Southest Asia. UNESCO has picked out 830 World Heritage sites around the world, chosen for their cultural and historical importance, and also for their geological uniqueness. Halong Bay offers a little of all three . It's not the cliffs themselves that make Halong Bay unique, but rather their sheer number. A huge bay, dotted with nearly 2,000 mostly uninhabited limestone cliffs, the breathtaking scenery is very similar to that of the Andaman coast of Thailand, Vang Vieng in Laos and Guilin in China .Halong Bay can be said to best place to travel in Southest Asia.Look for unforgettable Halong Bay vacations to highlight your lifetime travel or mark important evens of your life.


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    • Sure, I did a trip to Halong Bay last year, this was one of my favorite destinations in South East Asia icon_biggrin.gif I booked a 2 day - 1 night cruise, everything was well-organized, I highly recommend.  

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