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5 great weekend escapes from Singapore

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    • One of the best things about traveling has to be eating.

      It can get tiring, our daily grinds to earn enough dough to pay the mortgage, upgrade to a bigger place or a higher property class. Fortunately, if we need to get away for a weekend, Singapore is located within easy reach of fun and relaxing destinations.

      More importantly, they are affordable and won't require you to dip into the cash you've put aside for your upcoming renovation, or home emergency fund.

      Here are five great weekend escapes where you can take a break without breaking the bank:

      These iconic murals dot Georgetown in PenangThese iconic murals dot Georgetown in Penang[/caption]

      1. Penang

      There are many factors that make Penang such a popular weekend visit for so many Singaporeans: Delicious food, old school charm and a great shopping experience.

      One of Penang's most popular attractions, historic Georgetown is a World UNESCO site. Scroll through your social media feeds over any long weekend, and you are likely to see many of your friends taking photos of Georgetown's iconic murals, drawn by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic.

      In Georgetown, newly set up chic cafes and retails stores sit next to traditional businesses, a metaphor for Penang itself, a city that is trying to leapfrog into fast-paced modern development while maintaining its charm and character.

      For Penang's famous food, there's Gurney Drive, where Penang Assam Laksa and Char Kway Teow are sold to hungry residents and tourists to the city. If you're looking to bring something back for your colleagues, Penang's authentic Beh Teh Soh (literally translated as "Horse Hoof Cookies") are a popular snack.

      [caption id="attachment_122966" align="aligncenter" width="640"]It's always fun to visit the floating markets in BangkokIt's always fun to visit the floating markets in Bangkok[/caption]

      2. Bangkok

      The capital city of the Land of a Thousand Smiles, Bangkok is another popular weekend destination for Singaporeans.

      If you're looking to ease those aches and pains from sitting and staring a computer screen for too long, go for one of Bangkok's popular massages. For the fraction of the price one would pay in Singapore, you can enjoy a nice soothing massage to relax those tired muscles.

      Bangkok's amazing food culture draws tourists by the millions each year, with an incredible mix of authentic street food, fusion restaurant concepts and cool coffee joints. It is definitely not a place to watch your calories.

      The perennially popular weekend market, Chatuchak, is easily accessible via Bangkok's train system, and is a great place to score bargains on apparel, accessories, and household knick-knacks. Bring along your best haggling skills, because you're going to need it here.

      And after walking, shopping and eating the entire day, what better way to wind down than a foot massage to lull you into a peaceful sleep.

      [caption id="attachment_122967" align="aligncenter" width="640"]A'formosa, a former Portugese fort in MalaccaA'formosa, a former Portugese fort in Malacca[/caption]

      3. Malacca

      Approximately a four-hour coach ride away from Singapore, Malacca is a destination steeped in culture and of course, delicious food.

      Once a Portuguese colony, it was handed over to the Dutch after a Portugese defeat, then to the British in 1824 , Malacca reflects its storied past its many historic buildings and museums that are available for tourists to visit. A popular site for many tourists is A'Famosa, the remains of a fort that the Portugese used to defend the city.

      Malacca is also known for its rich Peranakan history, and tourists looking for traditional Peranakan clothing like kebayas can find them in many stores in Malacca. Great examples of Peranakan art and architecture can be found in the Baba-Nonya Heritage Museum as well.

      With such a rich cultural context, it is almost inevitable that Malacca's food is delicious. While enjoying the sites of the city, it is easy to snack on the various street food like satay, or authentic Nonya kuehs.

      At night, head down to Jonker Street's famous night market, for even more food, and great bargains on antiques, apparel and Perankan crafts.

      [caption id="attachment_122968" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Bali's beaches attract millions of tourists each yearBali's beaches attract millions of tourists each year[/caption]

      4. Bali

      For those who prefer to go a little further from the madding crowd, Bali is a popular beach destination that is still within easy reach of Singapore.

      One of the most popular weekend destinations for Singaporeans, Bali is dotted with resorts of varying price points along its beautiful beaches. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon on the sand with a good book, or a snooze. It's also not uncommon to see Singaporean couples tie the knot on the beaches there as well.

      Balinese massages are also known for their stimulating herbal oils, long strokes and deep pressure. For those with sore necks and backs, or just an overall sense of fatigue, there's nothing quite like a traditional Balinese massage to rejuvenate oneself.

      For those hunger pangs, there's always delectable Balinese street food. Enjoy freshly grilled satay, or grab something a little more substantial with nasi campur.

      [caption id="attachment_122969" align="aligncenter" width="640"]The journey to Boracay is worth it for the pristine white beaches.The journey to Boracay is worth it for the pristine white beaches.[/caption]

      5. Boracay

      An island in the Philippines south of the capital city Manila, Boracay has seen its popularity surge in recent years, with news about its pristine white beaches and blue waters spreading across social media.

      Getting to this island destination is a little more involved than the others mentioned here, requiring a flight and a ground transfer of a couple of hours. However, those who have been here assure us that it is time well spent.

      For the adventurous, there's nothing quite like jumping off a cliff at Ariel Point to get the adrenaline pumping. If you can overcome your fears to step off into the unknown, then how difficult can that project waiting for you in your office be?

      Surrounded by water, the best food on an island has to be seafood. In Boracay, head over to D'Talipapa market, where you can bargain with local vendors for freshly caught seafood. Once your catch is in hand, head over to any of the nearby restaurants and eateries to have them cook it for you.



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    • ah i just wish i have the time to travel!


      another suggestion of destination:

      Bangka Belitung


      "With excellence of comparability and supported by regional ecosystem of archipelago, coastal area and the island with the other, Bangka Belitung present marine tourism (diving, scuba, snorkeling, fishing and sailing). After tin was found here in 1710, Bangka (derived from the local word wangka meaning tin) got his wealth and fame from this metal. These days tin is still mined but not as much as before." - http://www.indonesia.travel/destinations/destination/26/bangka-belitung

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