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Champion league final 2011- Divers Galore!

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    • Exclamation Champion League final 2011 - match of the diving cheats!

      So the Final will be between Manchester United and Barcelona at Wembley.

      Do you stick up for Barcelona because you hate ManUre.

      Can you put any hatred for Barcunts to one side and support the English club

      or you can't be bothered.

      Both teams are excellent on the attack, but when that fails they always resort to theatrics, cheating or influencing the refs.

      Rooney & Hernandez is on fire & fantastic divers at that too... so is the rest of the team!

      Messi is a genius. Xavi and Iniesta are wonderful footballers. Mascerano is a bit of a tosser, and Sergio a cheat....and they have stopped Ronaldo from getting to a champions league final!

      On balance, its still Barca for me.

      Well it still anyone game....if they manage to get to the ref first, that is...

      U guys might wanna try TV3 or indo channel if yr internet is bad & dun hv MIO.
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    • U koe?

      The only thing missing fr this amazing "actors" match is a big floating stadium!

      Imagine if ManU or Barca players dive here & there.... U can feel the whole stadium floating ard. It be a all-new experience!

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