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Info needed on shoes

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    • Hi guys,
      I need some informations on type of shoes i should get...
      I need a pair of shoes that can be used in both running and sports ( mostly basketball or handball ) and distance i
      run ranging from 2.4 km to 5 km or more maybe once or twice a week, I want to know the type of shoes i need to get for such situation and can last long.
      My friend told me to get those type of indoor court shoes like badmintons shoes or tennis shoes but i don't play at indoor court.
      Can someone tell me the type of shoes i should get and where can i get it? Currently using nike zoom cross trainer which worn out in like 3 mths only


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    • I'd recommend normal running/cross trainers like the Nike's you mentioned, as they usually can tahan a wide range of sport-activities.

      I'm surprised to hear your Nike's only last for 3 months - you must either work them hard, or they are fakes. If you tend to wear down your shoes quickly, then perhaps go for cheaper ones that you can afford to change more often?

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