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Calling all Street Ballers!!!

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    • Hi

      Im new to this forum... 

      And I am wondering, where are all the Bballers at?!

      I have read and searched a few forums already that are in reference to BBall in Singapore... and they all seem to refer to joining clubs, or leagues... but nothing really about meeting up with a group of strangers and playing some real Ball!

      Especially just to kick it on a free outdoor court somewhere, with some peeps to play some good ol street ball?!

      Be great to know if any one in here is interested in showing their game face... more the merrier... not here to put out... just here wanting to find out where I can get some game time please... guys/ gals dont matter me to me... as long as they keen to play some BBall Im down...

      I travel often to Singapore... and when I come over I am always looking for some game... but alas not many if any... :(

      So if you are keen and interested in hooking up for BBall, hit me back




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