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Anyone wanna play table tennis at RP on every Saturday?

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    • Hi All,

      I hope the that the title is self explanatory.

      First of all, yy previous topic is here, http://sgforums.com/forums/3/topics/453674. I wanted to edit/remove it by I have no idea on how to do that as there is no delete/edit button. As such, I am posting a new topic again here.

      Some background about me. I am currenly serving NS. Left about 11 months.

      Secondly, I am looking for some buddies/kakis whom would like to play table tennis with for fun at RP. I am not a pro. I started playing in 2005 - 2006. Then I stopped. About 2 months ago, I started playing again. I usually play at my workplace during lunch time for about 30 Minutes - 1 hour. But its not enough nor comfortable as in I play with a shirt and formal long pants. So its not comfortable. 

      Yesterday, 30/6/2012, I went to RP with my cousin to play table tennis. The facilities are good and there are lots of tables. Mostly, people come there to play badminton during weekends. So, we were the only one who played table tennis. So, its good if I could find some other people whom would like to join us too as there will be more challenges if there are more people. All skills levels are welcome.

      If there are quite a number of people interested, I will create an FB group for us so that we can interact more often and schedule accordingly. Tentatively, I would like to play on every Saturday from 10am-12pm. Of course you can stay longer if you want. :)

      If you are interested, drom me a PM/reply/your FB username. Thank you for reading this post. Appreciate it.

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