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Looking for FUTSAL Players!

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    • Hi Everyone,

      Its a new start to a GREAT 2014!


      im Lenny,35 yrs old Singaporean, and i love to play futsal/soccer,

      I play street soccer/futsal with my pals once/twice a week,

      and im looking for more players to join me and my pals ,

      sometimes we will play at the street soccer courts/the cage/turf city,

      so if ure keen to play soccer for fun ,

      U r most welcome to join us!

      all skill levels/ages/nationalities/races r welcome..........

      Leave me a message with your name, age and contact details & ill get back to u!


      Till Then,Cya!


      Mr Lenny

      [email protected]

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      Hi Lenny,

      I have a grp of 6 players who are interested to play futsal on the weekends as a casual sport. we are recently formed after a company game and we are mainly aged between late 20s and 40s. would be good if we can play together on a regular basis to keep fit.



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    • Calling all Futsal players!-im having a 5 a side futsal match(play for fun) at Mattar Rd on 31st May 2014,Sat,2-4pm,interested players pls drop me a email at [email protected],all r welcome to join! -leave your name, and contact details and ill send u the match info....

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    • Hi..

      sorry for hijacking your thread, we are looking for a group of people to play beach volleyball with us, we have 4 people and play every Saturdays after 3pm at Sentosa, we have our own net set and volley ball, plase contact me if anyone interested..

      Sorry, I had to post here because administrator doesn't allow me to start a new topic until I have 8 posts :(


      cheers guys

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  • Is my's Avatar
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    • Look for kimkim on Facebook and leave your name and contact number if u r keen to play Futsal/football.all r welcome !

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