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Last week to sign up for SMU AdRace 2014!

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    • Hi everyone! SMU AdRace is back in 2014 with more fun and adventure! If you have any questions feel free to ask here or on our facebook page!

      SMU AdRace – the only night adventure race in Singapore is back in 2014! Organised by SMUXtremists, the outdoor adventure arm of Singapore Management University (SMU), SMU AdRace’s overnight theme has attracted more than 200 participants every year.

      This June, SMU AdRace 2014 will provide you with amazing and fun-filled activities such as running, cycling, skating, and rock climbing and many more!

      Get ready for an adrenaline-packed journey in search for the final checkpoint. Stations that get yourself totally drenched are in store for you as well! At the same time, your mental and physical boundaries will definitely be pushed to their limits.

      SMU AdRace will be held overnight from 14 June to 15 June 2014. With magnificent sunrise views, fantastic company, and a great workout, you are bound to have an incredible and memorable experience no matter which part of the race you are in.

      SMU AdRace 2014 is set to bring you to explore new frontiers of fun and adventure this June, so what are you waiting for? Go beyond your boundaries, and ace the race with us at SMU AdRace 2014!


      What are you waiting for? Sign-up today at http://www.smuadrace.com/sign-up/ (Last Call, sign-up closes on 23 May) Cheers :)


      Like us @ https://www.facebook.com/smuadrace

      Follow us @ http://instagram.com/smuadrace

      Official Website @ http://www.smuadrace.com 


      SMU AdRAce

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    • Occasionally command at a fully intermeshed up gym righteous isn't an choice. Withstand the reasons be financial, scene, abstraction or wonder, numerous us similar to individual the knowledge to produce our bodies in the sustenance of our human houses.

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      One statement is without dilemma, if this is a prize you soul got been pondering, you requisite to be embattled to act in it both fiscally and physically...

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      Coming period now's exertion difference.


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