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    • Calling out to all current basketball & netball players!!! Love the sports you play but always find yourself being a fringe player in that team you play? 

      Well we would like to offer you another kind of challenge in a whole new sports.

      Similar to basketball & netball, this sports we are bringing into Singapore is one of the few sports which require both men & ladies in the team, 8 players a team for full court matches, 4 players for half court matches, the idea is to shoot the ball into the basket to score points, many unique & special gameplay which makes this sports fun & exciting!

      We are particularly looking for interested parties age 15-19 as there will be an international competition which will be held at Bandung, Indonesia this coming December, player chosen to join the Singapore National Team will have the trip mostly paid for by the association (currently talking to some sponsors to make the trip fully paid for), players selected must also commit to the training scheduled to prepare them for the competition. it's also a lifetime chance to represent Singapore at an international competition. 

      Interested parties can PM me for more details!

      My players, coaches & myself hope to hear from more people to pick up this new sports!

      Any schools, community clubs, organisation interested to know more, we will be available for a brief demo to let you all understand more about this new sports.


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    • Since it was invented in Singapore it should be given a singaporestic name. Name it after a famous figure. How about ''LKY Balls". 

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    • Anyone like to play or learn Beach Vollyball at sports hub in the evening? we have a group here in facebook looking for new players from all level of playing.

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    •  :-" 


      Theres a futsal 5 a side match at Zion Sports at 9-11pm tonight,all players R welcome to come down and play soccer with us for fun!,if u r keen,pls go to strangersoccer.com and join game id 441 ,to see the match details....



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