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  • Darkknighthuang's Avatar
    456 posts since Sep '08
    • I am disappointed and feel so malu with our new stadium. With such a big budget and a sub standard product, shouldn't some heads  roll?

      In view of the screw-ups, in particularly the grass, the sports hub is now renamed as the Singapore Sports Flub.

  • DJ.zilenze's Avatar
    9 posts since Nov '14
    • its not about sports... its all about $$$$$$$$$$$... privatising a sports facility here is never gonna work... now the developers gotta do anything necessary to cover their costs and then make the $$$$$$$$...

  • Yao Chuen Choo's Avatar
    16 posts since Nov '14
    • I won't blame the grass or management of the sports hub. I believe the root cause is the design of the stadium i.e. covered stadium.

      Who is the genius who decided to design a covered stadium and expect to have a healthy patch of grass????

  • fireflycns's Avatar
    9 posts since Jan '15
    • ..

    • Registration for CYCLE350 is now open! Sign up at cycle350peatix.com (more details available here)

      (RE)CYCLE350 or C350 is an initiative to create awareness of reducing carbon footprint through restoring and reusing bicycles and recycling bicycle parts into works of art.

      In conjunction with Singapore World Water Day 2015, a mass cycling event is organised to encourage environment sustainability.
      Restoration artiste Poon Kng Joo will also showcase a recycled bicycle art installation during the launch of WWD on 21 March 2015. Some of these recycled bicycles will be made available for use during the mass cycling event.

      Event day:
      Sat, 21 March 2015, Sports Hub
      Registration starts: 6:30am
      Briefing and Flag off: 7:00am onwards

      Route: http://sg.mapometer.com/cycling/route_4008408
      (subject to changes on actual day depending on crowd and weather conditions)

      Event pack collection:
      Sat, 14 March 2015,
      Collection Time: 11am-9pm
      Location: Outdoor SportsTravel @1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave, #01-65, Singapore 397628
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